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100 COOL THINGS TO DO IN ITALY: Rome, Florence, Venice video

100 Cool Things to Do in Italy
1. Venture to Vatican Town
2. Check out the Pope's merch
3. Check out the Pope's guards ;)
4. Overlook Vatican Town from the Pope's perspective in St. Peter's Square
5. Roam the central church of Christianity, St. Peter's Basilica
6. Dip your fingers in holy water
7. Glory over the Vatican's gold encrusted architecture
8. Visit the illustrious Vatican Museums
9. Study Rome's historic culture & art w/ a guided or self-guided tour
10. Gawk at majestic sculptures
11. Appreciate godly ceiling paintings
12. Daydream over miles of marble flooring, walls, and columns
13. Study the intricate detail and history behind every piece and figure
14. Descend Giuseppe Mimi's infamous Bramante spiral staircase
15. Traverse the EPIC Colosseum from top to bottom
16. Trap doors lead to an underground layer beneath the Colluseum scene. Take a premium tour to investigate what happened behind the scenes.
17. Admire the reconstruction of the Arch of Constantine from atop the Colluseum.
18. Experience the illustrious Pantheon outside of a textbook
19. Enjoy Italian way song
20.Praise God inside some of the worlds most pretty churches
21. Light a candle inside the Basciliaca Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
22. Wonder why the U.S. doesn't have more domes and arches
23. Browse Rome tourist merch that you don't really need but will buy anyways
24. Search Rome's cobblestone ways by foot
25. Relax beside a Roman fountain
26. Flip through pretty Roman way artist drawings
27. Have a pretty Roman way artist draw you
28. Join the crowd to watch live spray paint art
29. Be perplexed by floating lads in saffron robes
30. Tour the city on a Segway
31. Check the supermarket-roasted Chestnuts
32. Market for authentic Italian Pasta
33. Watch merchants create jewelry
34. Purchase handmade jewelry
35. Create a want at the Trevi Fountain
36. Overindulge in Gelato (no regrets)
37. Check an Italian crepe
38. Speed Rome's castle ways on a moped
39. Visit Il Vittoriano, the classical temple honoring Italy's first lord & First Globe Fight army
40. Ride the subway (while getting serenaded by violinists)
41. Travel castle to castle by train
42.Smile over the glad, colourful graffiti and way song in Florence
43. Look up at the spectacular Florence Cathedral
44. Mosey around Florence's Accademia Gallery, a museum filled with notorious marble sculptures
45. Be awestruck by the globe's hottest male model - Michaelangelo's David
46. Market at a globe known hub for leather (jackets, wallets, purses, belts, etc.), The San Lorenzo Supermarket
47. Purchase a custom slash leather belt for your loved ones
48. Cheers over Italy's nice wine
49.Check Tartufo truffle sauce, a gourmet Italian delicacy usually served over pasta, at a random restaurant in the Florence alleyways
50. Market Florence's castle ways after sundown
51. Join the crowds at Florence's infamous Piazza Della Signoria at night

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☀ Rome, Florence, Venice, Vatican Town

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Zara Khan

great!this helped alot my mom and dad are taking me to italy so this helped alot i subscribed liked and turned bell!

Rob's Quest

Nice footage! I visited Florence & I consider to go to Rome this year, so this list comes in very handy! Which of the 3 cities do you like the most?

Mather Brown Travel

Oh my word we love love love Italy! Firenze is our favored! Nice video, it brings back so many nice memories 😊

Journey with Chloe

I love all these shots! This makes me wish to go to Italy, I love the architecture!

Dori & Mena

Cool Video. I can't wait to visit!

Eleonora Gonzalez

Loved this video so much! Nice shots woman! Def subscribing :) I create related videos it would mean a lot if you check them out and sub back if you like them :)

Jaunting Journeys

marvellous....nice compilation of so many things

Magical Unicorn

So superb.

Mel and Jona - Travel & Van Life

Wow this is a comprehensive list! We visited back in march last year and didn't manage to see even a fraction of this! Makes us wish to go back for sure.

Gab SEO Vaugeois

Oh yeah!! With your clip, i can't wait to go in Italy actually!!


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