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Loop School Night Routine 2018

School Night Routine 2018

😇💤💫💞 hello everyone !! this is probably one of my most requested videos ever, other than a morning routine and a what's on my iphone lol. in this video i show you guys what i typically do after school. everyday is different because of dance and clubs and stuff, but for the most part this is what i do! thank u soso much for watching and ilu so much xx USEFUL LINKS -raspberry lemonade (aka best homemade lemonade kinda ever): -planner: S T A L K M E ! -vlog channel: -instagram: -tw...

Loop Summer Morning Routine 2017! ☀️

Summer Morning Routine 2017! ☀️

☀️🌻💐☕️💛 hey guys!! i've been asked sooo much to film a summer morning routine lately so i finally got off my butt and did! this is what i do on a typical summer morning when i don't sleep in... this is also a collab with IVAN WOOO! make sure to subscribe to his channel and watch his summer morning routine too! love u guysss Ivan's channel: Ivan's summer morning routine: talk with me !! instagram: twitter: snapchat: sadiealdis11 pinterest: goodreads: how old are you? :) 15 where do y...

Loop my weekend morning routine :)))

my weekend morning routine :)))

still don't know how to work my blow dryer... hello everyone !! in this vid i show you guys a typical morning in my life where i go to yoga, chill, and show u guys my natural, everyday makeup routine! i looove weekend mornings for some quirky reason. let me know what other lifestyle videos u would like me to make! thank u for watching and i luv u so much M Y O U T F I T - hoodie: - leggings: M A K E U P R O U T I N E - moisturizer: - concealor: - mascara: - face mist: - rose balm dotc...

Loop photoshoots & shopping in LA!

photoshoots & shopping in LA!

i regret not tickling his armpits (that will sound weird if u didn't watch the whole thing) hello everyone !! i went back to LA and literally had the time of my liiiiife i love it there! so many photoshoots, so much shopping, and so many shenanigans took place. i love vlogging so let me know if u want more :) thank u for watching and i luv u so much. S T A L K M E ! -instagram: -twitter: -snapchat: sadiealdis11 -pinterest: -spotify: -vsco: -dote: F A Q how old are you? :) 16 where do ...


Loop Aesthetic Room Tour 2018

Aesthetic Room Tour 2018

my shirt is only available until september 18th!! buy it here: hello everyone !! welcome to my crib brothaaas :) i changed the vibe of my room a bit and this video is always being requested, so here it is! i really hope u enjoyed and thank u so much for watching! love u all so much xx U S E F U L L I N K S - light up sign: - diffuser: - vanity light up double-sided mirror: S T A L K M E ! -instagram: -twitter: -snapchat: sadiealdis11 -pinterest: -spotify: -dote: F A Q how old are...



☀️🌿☕️☺️💞 hi everyone!! here's my morning routine for school even though i kind of have my life in order here (it's like the second week of school) but that will probably change very soon.... 😂 i know that you guys like routine videos so i hope this one satisfies you! :) this is a collab with the one and only jt greer so make sure to check out his morning routine & channel in the links below !!! jt's school morning routine: &t=1s jt's channel: talk with me !! -instagram: -twitter: -snapc...

Loop Sibling Tag w/ My Brother!!

Sibling Tag w/ My Brother!!

you guys finally get to meet my brother Chris! talk with me :) Instagram: Twitter: YouNow: Pinterest: Snapchat: sadiealdis11 How old are you? :) 14 Where do you live? :) Canada Current fav food? :) WATERMELOOOOOON Editing software? :) Wondershare Filmora 7.5.0 Camera? :) Canon t5i love u guys sm and have a lit day! (oookay i hate myself lol)...

Loop my after school night routine 2019!

my after school night routine 2019!

but other days i'm talking to a camera alone in my room and listening to the beach boys hello everyone !! here is my school night routine for 2019! i have a bit of a different school schedule, so i thought it would be cool to film a night routine when i actually have a thing called "time"! thank u for watching and i luv u so much xx U S E F U L L I N K S - desert essence shampoo: - nature clean shampoo: - dr bronner's shaving gel: - glossier face cleanser: - la roche moisturizer: S T A ...

Loop how to build the PERFECT summer wardrobe!

how to build the PERFECT summer wardrobe!

hopefully now my summer fits will...slap hello everyone !! this video is to help y'all build the ideal summer wardrobe with a master list of essentials that i have made :))) i go through the steps you need to take in order to create the best possible summer wardrobe! this is kinda a series now ???? woot! thank u for watching and i luv u so much xx U S E F U L L I N K S - appt to find your face shape: Face Shape by Firestorm SRL S T A L K M E ! -instagram: -twitter: -snapchat: sadiealdis1...

Loop EXTREME glow up transformation (i dyed my hair !!!)

EXTREME glow up transformation (i dyed my hair !!!)

don’t blondes have more fun ? ...👩🏼 hello everyone !! in today’s video i finally did an extreme glow up! i hope this was as satisfying for you as it was for me :) thank you so much for watching! xx sadie S T A L K M E ! -instagram: -twitter: -snapchat: sadiealdis11 -pinterest: -spotify: -dote: F A Q how old are you? :) 16 where do you live? :) canada what's that thing on your arm? :) a continuous glucose monitor (i have type 1 diabetes) editing software? :) final cut pro camera? :) ...



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