Streamer Falls Asleep and Gets Tons of Views



Some odd things can happen on Twitch, and usually do on a regular basis. Sometimes those instances are troubling, like witnessing domestic abuse live, while others are oddly heartwarming, like the below video of a streamer falling asleep.

JesseDStreams was streaming on Saturday night in the Just Chatting genre, watching TELEVISION and eating. For about two hours this went on with no chat interaction and then Jesse fell asleep and remained that method for other two hours. When he awoke, Jesse discovered to his surprise that there were 200 viewers in his channel.

During the broadcast Jesse accidentally fell asleep for two hours while watching TELEVISION and eating meal. In the clip, you can see that the streamer fell asleep and after a several hours he wakes up to 200 views along with cash donation. Many players have also commented that "he is still alive" when he woke up during the broadcast. The clip has received over 2 million views on the website. Explaining how casual naps are the best, potentially profitable, the decision you can make in your life. The sleeping man clip has also moved into the top five most-viewed clips in Twitch, according to Twitchstrike.

Since the happening, the clip of JesseDStreams waking up and seeing his active chat has generated over 1 million views and his channel went from having a small fewer than 100 followers to over 1,000 in just one day. Whether that growth will continue is unlikely, but at least for a tiny bit JesseDStreams had his moment of fame.

It’s worth mentioning that falling asleep on stream is versus Twitch’s Terms of Service but for right now JesseDStreams has not faced any sort of punishment. He’s by no means the first person to fall asleep on stream – he’s not even the first to do so this week – but as we know Twitch is rarely consistent when it comes to enforcing its guidelines.

At the end of the day, it’s a heartwarming clip to see JesseDStreams’ glee at seeing an active chat after taking a brief nap. You have to admire someone for sticking with streaming even if it might receive so boring that you fall asleep live.