Fresh PUBG application lets you know when killing a streamer



In situation you've been stressing over your unintended public appearances in PUBG, i.e. getting wrecked and laughed at by streamers and their hordes of fanatics, you can now at least be certain, thanks to a fresh apk called PUBG Report.

What PUBG Report does is allow gamers "find for a PUBG acc to see reactions of Twitch streamers killing or getting killed by that person." The service is as easy as entering your username and having a look, as you'll later be directed to the exact stream you're looking for.

Of course, the service goes vice versa, so if you're the one doing the killing, PUBG Report will allow you know that you've just killed a popular person. At least you know what Twitch stream to visit after you're done, so that you can collect those accumulated salt deposits.

Even though the apks auto-complete occasionally offers Xbox One usernames, PUBG Report currently helps only PCs. According to the developer, however, console help is on the method. If you happen to run into issues, PUBG Report's developer advises either searching for your previous username, since the auto-complete database does not modernize at the moment, or waiting a bit longer, because the application may still be busy processing data.

Speaking of data, the application relies on the official PUBG API, which only retains 14 days worth of data, but PUBG Report wrote they "will return each effect that is stored in [their] database unless the Twitch video becomes unavailable due to deletion or expiration."

If you're worried about the legality of the apk, don't - PUBG Report would be impossible without the official help by the PUBG API, which "makes it easier for players to have begin access to in-game data, which developers can use to build great programs and services." That being said, we really want someone made an apk called PUBG Netcode Report, so that we can see just how many hamsters die everyday on PUBG Corp's network infrastructure.