The differences between Youtube TV and other streaming platforms



YouTube TELEVISION is a US-exclusive live TELEVISION streaming service – think Netflix but instead of on-demand TELEVISION shows and films you’ll see cable channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN and Disney among many, many more. It’s like cable in the sense that everything is divided by channel and, yes, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for it, but the difference here is that you’ll be able to take shows whenever and wherever you go.

Loading up the service for the first time, we were suggested shows like Archer, The Gigantic Bang Theory, The Simpsons and many more. We easy found enough content to hold us entertained for the time-being, plus will have plenty to watch next time we log-on thanks to YouTube TV's stellar Cloud DVR.

Cloud DVR, if you've never heard that term before, allows you to record your favorite shows as they air and save them, well, to the cloud so that you can watch them soon. It’s TiVo, but everything’s online.

YouTube TELEVISION promises infinite storage for shows for up to nine months – a serious advantage over the tournament which usually only offer 28 days of storage.

If you think you're going to just jump past the ads, though, think again. Like traditional cable, YouTube TELEVISION and its line-up of channels still need revenue beyond your month-to-month subscription fee – and adverts, as much as we despise them, are YouTube's method of keeping the lights on.

YouTube TELEVISION is accessible now to everyone in the United States, from Los Angeles to Fresh York Town, and it's a brought an absolute reckoning for mainstream cable providers – you know, those guys who hose us with equipment rental fees and HD service when those things could just be gratis of charge.

For far too long, cable contracts have penalized us if we so much as look at other cable option while bundles package in things we don't use (cough, home smartphones) and channels we don't watch all so cable companies can maintain their bottom line.