2 The Biggest YouTube Channels - Subscribers and Earnings



Fight between most subscribed YouTuber, Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg and Indian record label T-Series continues to rage on with no end in sight. PewDiePie has questioned the legitimacy of T-Series subscriber count, as rumors recommended that each fresh YouTube acc made in India was automatically subscribed to the channel. This was soon disproved. During the war for number one there has been plenty of drama, and we'll modernize this article with more info as it progresses.

Despite the onslaught, PewDiePie continues to hit fresh milestones, despite doubting that he would ever be the first to hit a milestone again after crossing 67 million back in October. The Swede became the first YouTuber to cross 83 million subscribers, but it seems that the campaign to hold PewDiePie at the top of YouTube may be running out of steam.

On January 23, Kjellberg admitted in a video that he had run out of concepts in his war to hold T-Series at bay, and asked fanatics and another YouTubers for recommendations on how he should test and stay ahead of the Indian entertainment company.

T-Series is continuing its pressure to close the gap to PewDiePie, with his lead currently down to just 110,000 subscribers as of Feburary 1.

Fellow YouTuber MrBeast attempted to support out PewDiePie by running a citywide advertising campaign inviting people to subscribe to him, to prevent T-Series taking the top spot. MrBeast has also teased that he may have something large in shop to assist PewDiePie during the Super Bowl, however the YouTuber has since deleted the tweet. Other YouTuber, Justin Roberts, paid $1m for a billboard in Fresh York.

Fanatics of PewDiePie have also been doing their part, including hacking printers, smart devices, and even hacking GTA V to spread the message that he needs subscribers.

T-Series has managed to come dangerously close to overtaking PewDiePie on multiple opportunities, but every time, he has come out on top to hold his seat on the throne. Who will make it the first to 100 million?