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Bob McKeown on The Hunter and the Hunted video

Bob McKeown stops by CBC News Network to talk about this week's episode of the fifth estate, The Hunter and the Hunted.

This week the fifth estate takes a walk on the wild side. Bob McKeown presents portraits of recipients who experience the animal kingdom in very different ideas.

Canadian Jacine Jadresko calls herself the Inked Huntress. She loves nothing more than large apk trophy hunting. Her passion for hunting has made her an international celebrity. It’s also made her the object of hate campaigns - even death threats online, a fact she shrugs off as ignorance and sexism.

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Joseph Monaco

Bob, do you know how I know that Rebecca and her family and Jacine and her family are going to have a gruesome end???? Average recipients like myself that have gone into the Service and then went all the idea up the ladder to Delta Force Clearance, are know as Kites... Most of the time, these lads end up working for the CIA and such like organizations. Do you have any concept what that is? I doubt it. I claimed that, just to claim this. With all of those 2 females, If they really are females, really think in their tiny brains, that they are protected by their daddys dollars and their " Outfitters" What a joke. Do your homework on Delta Force Lads, on your own, just for your own edification! THEY ARE GHOSTS AND INVISIBLE... Nice day again. I personally obtain sick and ill to my stomach listening to things like this. I'd like to be on your present. I have a several nice stories to claim about hunting and hunters. I DON'T HUNT OR FISH... Never have, and I'm proud to go to my grave claiming that I never killed any of God's monsters...I wish to talk to you in person. Thank you for allowing my comment.

sk cazador

Dear Bob, watched the entire episode and this was by far the worst "journalistic reporting" I have seen in decades.  I think you would report harvesting chicken eggs as killing baby chicks purely out of ignorance and in the name of sensationalism.  Licenced hunting has NEVER cause the extinction of any species in history...supermarket hunting and poaching is the trouble that this tool obviously identified as the threat to apk populations globe-wide.  I'm sure it played well to the urbanized, homogenized society of today but her lifestyle is a true globe representation of a segment of society that feeds themselves by their own hand and is not scared to obtain their hands "dirty".  I'll take wild meat over tofu any day.  The CBC could be apologizing for such biased content.

Dwayne Johnson

God Bless her!

Abdullah Barak

The respond is right there. She is sponsored by large companies. If she does not have the type of dollars she receives from her sponsors she would not be able to do what she does. Or at least to the degree she does. We live in a globe that dollars matters and it matters a lot.

Dwayne Johnson

The globe CBC lives in is "a disturbing globe" most of us know nothing about.

Hammy Red

six women sexually assaulted by Syrian refugee and this is what you are reporting on?


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