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Brains vs. Bias: Crash Course Psychology #24 video

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In this episode of Ruin Course Psychology, Hank takes a look at WAIS and WISC intelligence tests and how bias can really skew both effects and the usefulness of those effects.

Table of Contents
WAIS & WISC Tests 01:09:22
Standardization & Validity 02:13:10
IQ Performance 07:44:12

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IMHO Validity is where all intelligence tests fail. It is not possible to "measure or predict what you are supposed to" when that thing is not even well defined. The finest play reliably play for something, but what they measure beyond 'the ability to take that specific play' is unclear.

Tom McMorrow

I often think about an ex-girlfriend I had who was a wonderful example of nature and nurture. She was born to a terrible 16-year-old mother in the ghetto of Chicago, but adopted almost instantly into a 1% family (who later moved here to Jersey for her to enter her sophomore year of high school). Like Annie, but with more deep dish pizza. Long storyline short, we dated in high school and again in our early to mid 20's, and I was very much in love. Coming from an upper-middle-class environment and neighborhood, I got along well with her family and they liked me very much. However, she and I would often come to loggerheads over her personal choices on things like being a cigarette smoker, wanting excessive tattoos, having a nose ring and another behaviors often associated with lower class lifestyle. Throw into the mix my Aspergers and her Histrionic Personality Disorder and it was an...interesting relationship. I want her the finest from the bottom of my heart, wherever she went these past 5 years, but I still think about how fascinating of a topic-study she was. Almost a wolf in sheep's clothing, and it was interesting how I got along so well with her parents and often harped on her for the same things they did. Neither of us liked her smoking, tattoos, nose ring or another such behaviors. We clearly were not right for every another, but I appreciate our time together and enjoy the glimpse I got into the debate on nature against nurture.


you run from the end so five jelly beans times two cause the dog took half so 10 she ate one so 11 times two again cause dude took half so 22 finally she ate one at the beginning so that all equals 23////

Janos Fejos

5:06 and How large is the sample of adopted twins raised apart from every another? I don't think it's a large one.

Abby Elaurza

Am I the only dumb Math person who's asking why 2 doesn't even belong to the group?

Dop3matt3r _


Ainslee Moorehead

Hank: don’t allow a number define you Me at 10:00 studying for my Ap psych exam 😰

Faith Han

he claims don't allow a play score define you as he is teaching an ap course lol i am screwed..

Izabella Skoblar

does anyone see the booger its driving me insane

Jacob W.

I hate Hank Green. I hate him. I wish to drain his spinal fluid.


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