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CNN Interviews Jared Taylor on White Identity video

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On May 5, Sara Sidner of CNN interviewed Jared Taylor of American Renaissance about why whites voted for Trump, racial differences in IQ, hate crime hoaxes, racial nationalism, and what whites should face as a minority. A several clips from the interview were aired on May 15 as part of a CNN information about a racial incident that occurred at American University earlier that month. This is the complete formal CNN-Jared Taylor interview.

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Bobby Hangliter

Vermont is 95% white. LOL.


CNN created and pimps out polarization and division for ratings. This bitch is retarded to test to claim it comes from the recipients they use as scapegoats for their own cause.

Bobby Dee

The Native Indians didn't asked be colonized nor nearly wiped out by Europeans in North America and they were the majority of this nation... Facts.

Greg Mccumber

The demand for Racism in America far exceeds the available supply.

mazdak morati

In America “ the most diverse country” Cultural differences between Blacks & Whites are like night and day.(no pun intended). Language/accent, education, attire, social status and so on and so forth are VASTLY different. This only proves the target that diversity DOES NOT WORK !!!

mazdak morati

The globe was a much more interesting zone when nations were not culturally & racially mixed. This is not a racist but a TRUE FACT ! It used to be that if you wanted to go to a particular country was because you wanted to experience the uniqueness of that particular zone, but the idea it is actually you CAN NOT obtain that 😢 Diversity just DOES NOT work !!!

mazdak morati

Hey Jared in topic you haven’t noticed, America is becoming a Moslem nation. Slowly but SURELY. Look at all the Mosques that are going up all over the country and are you doing anything about it ?????

Freight 83

im 10 minutes in, claim me her questions obtain better.......

Adrian Rush

I don't really give a flip about race or ethnicity or nationalism, but the reason Jared Taylor speaks to so many recipients is because of how whites are being demonized for everything. It's only natural, when one side condemns you for being white, that you're going to seek out a tribe that Claims you your "whiteness" is OK. And it's notable that she can't really refute anything he claims. She calls the race-IQ correlation "junk science" in the CNN piece, but the fact is that the science points to exactly what Taylor is claiming. In terms of mean IQ, Asians outscore whites and whites outscore blacks. It's not hate to claim that; it's what the evidence shows. But we've reached a zone in Western discourse where facts are bigotry and how you feel reigns supreme. It's being amplified all over again in the transgender movement. I tend to take recipients more on a one-by-one basis, without regard to immutable characteristics like skin color. But when the increasingly radical, violent, and totalitarian left starts calling everyone left of Bernie Sanders a Nazi and demonizes recipients for their skin color, they shouldn't be at all surprised when recipients are being red-pilled out of their side and taking refuge in messages like Taylor's. They're doing this to themselves. Replacing the Old South racism of "whites only" with the Woke racism of "nonwhites only" isn't a solution. It just foments division and hatred. And then the Woke Recipients have the audacity to call recipients like Taylor the hateful ones. I wonder if the CNN interviewer seems so befuddled because she was expecting whatever stereotype she had in her head of "white supremacists," and then found out that Taylor was speaking calmly and reasonably the entire time. I think the left has a picture in their heads of recipients on the white right (for lack of a better term) as a bunch of fire-breathing Hitler wannabes. And when they don't encounter that, and in fact sometimes encounter just the opposite, they're nonplussed. Probably makes them question everything the leftist intelligentsia has fed them their entire lives.

Patrick Bateman

15k likes 685 dislikes speaks for itself.


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