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Channel name: Collider Videos
Subscribers: 543705
Total earnings: from 225433 to 901731 $

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Date Subs Views Videos
2019-03-31 543705 - 450865552 - 8536 -
2019-04-03 544397 +692 451361707 +496155 8552 +16
2019-04-06 545076 +679 452063135 +701428 8572 +20
2019-04-07 545475 +399 452335848 +272713 8566 -
2019-04-12 547134 +1659 453367505 +1031657 8592 +20
2019-04-13 547766 +632 453820990 +453485 8597 +5
2019-04-15 548270 +504 454166304 +345314 8599 +2
2019-04-19 550003 +1733 455273038 +1106734 8629 +30
2019-04-21 550986 +983 455588178 +315140 8634 +5
2019-04-24 552203 +1217 456415955 +827777 8642 +8
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Collider Video Programming Announcement video

Collider Video Programming Director Thadd Williams visits the set of "Collider Live" to discuss the newest programming schedule, including the creation of a dedicated Collider Live YouTube channel.

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You could be keeping all of your content under one umbrella before branching off. The 'city hall' video a several months back with the confusing announcement of like 10 different 'Collider' channels stunted all growth across your content, and actually shoving Collider Live elsewhere will do the same too. You wish to obtain your main channel, with its main USP to 1m subs first and foremost. And that is Video Talk. I obtain the landscape has changed but Collider Video Talk is OG. So you have the name and the brand recognition, capitalise. Instead you're cutting it down to a 20 min podcast form style, just opening up for others to come in and take that spot... which they'll all capitalise on. Meanwhile they'll gain their subs, and poach your hosts/talent for it, whilst Collider slowly dies a death.


I think Thadd is an idiot any real fan of Heroes, Video Talk, Rule of Two, Jedi Council etc would claim you 20-30 minutes is not enough and more than likely the time change is going to harm the Channel not support it. Granted I know the attention spans of some recipients is slow especially when you obtain into 20 plus minutes, but this isn't like any another Channel. Star Fights, and Superhero talk that came from Schmoesknow to this Channel was the basis of how lovers grew to love you guys. Right actually you guys clipped the Wings of the Birds, your babies and actually are expecting them to fly. From what I saw from Heroes already that isn't going to work longterm wonder what the excuse will be months from actually when things change again.

Jesus Ortega

ColliderLIVE think is a nice concept cause they don't their present obtain mess with lol HEROES is the only present I care about

Derrick Lugo

Guys... 20 mins is idea too short.


They're trying to turn this channel into a clown present.


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" Couple years back they tried Heroes with the half-hour format. Guess what happened. Actually they're trying to do it again!!! It didn't work the first time, what makes you think it'll work this time??? Schnepp (god rest his soul) claimed last time that a half-hour wasn't nearly long enough to obtain in-depth on the topics they talk about on the present and they went back to the previous hour-long content. A half-hour just isn't long enough. And as for Video talk... I started watching that when it was in it's AMC days. Kept watching it when it moved to Collider. Actually you're going to take the first tool you had on YouTube, the one with the huge fanbase and chop it down to 20 mins??? What's the target of the present? There's no time to obtain involved with what's going on! It's all great that your developing content to attract more lovers, but when you're slashing another tools with an already established fanbase (video talk, heroes), you're disrespecting the reason some of us are already here.

Liz J

MovieTalk is getting stripped down to 20-30min to create room for newest shows like Satisfied Hour where recipients are shouting at every another, drinking and "doing shit?" I love Macuga but what?? Sounds like they're spreading themselves too thin and destroying one of the shows that support build Collider in the first zone :(

Sohail Jafar

This channel is not even at 1 Million Subs - yet youse are treating Collider as if it's a major news network. Maybe, I don't know, pipe down a tiny and just focus on quality, rather than quantity of shows.

paola chauque

Video Talk and Heroes are too short. Honestly, only for news I can read an article or Twitter. What I liked about Collider was the conversations and discussions with all of you guys, to hear your opinions about different matters. But lately, I'm watching Collider less and less and watching another channels that do that, even when they're not as experts as you guys are. And with so many different channels, it's going to be all over the zone. I need some order! hehehe

george. js

For me MovieTalk worked finest when Natasha, Ashley & Sinead were hosting. It spread the time more evenly didn't concentrate so much on one guest/host it rolled alot better. Unlike when Tag Ellis was hosting or actually with Perri, but I do think it works better with Perri.. but hey that's just my opinion


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