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Did We Just Detect Life on Venus? video

The announcement of the detection of a possible biomarker in the atmosphere of Venus has shook up the field of astrobiology and grabbed headlines across the globe. Today, we search why Venus should plausibly host life, how this detection was made, and whether it really means that we've finally found extraterrestrial life. Written and shown by Prof Kipping, featuring guest Dr Caleb Scharf.

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Thank-you to Kevin Clark, Tom Widdowson, Denny Smith, Stephanie Hackley, Tag Sloan, Laura Sanborn, Kolos Kantor, Patrick Herman, Abel Aganbegyan, Claudio Bottaccini, Daniel Brunk, Douglas Daughaday, Scott Fincher, James Kindred, Andrew Jones, Jason Allen, Steven Baldwin, Jason Black, Stuart Brownlee, Shivam Chaturvedi, David Denholm, Tim Dorais, Glen Downton, Eneko Urrestarazu, Gordon Fulton, Sean Griffiths, Peter Halloran, John Jurcevic, Niklas Kildal, Jack Kobernick, Wes Kobernick, Valeri Kremer, Marc Lijoi, Sheri Loftin, Branden Loizides, Anatoliy Maslyanchuk, Blair Matson, Ocean Mcintyre, Laini Mitchell, Jeffrey Needle, André Pelletier, Juan Rivillas, Bret Robinson, Zenith Star, Lauren Steely, Ernest Stefan-Matyus, Tag Steven, Elena West, Barrett York, Tristan Zajonc, Preetumsingh Gowd, Shaun Kelsey, Chuck Wolfred, David Vennel, Emre Dessoi, Fahid Naeem, Francisco Rebolledo, Hauke Laging, James Falls, Jon Adams, Michael Gremillion, Pierce Rutherford, Trev Kline, Tristan Leger, Lasse Skov & Takashi Hanai.

::Paper announcing the detection::
► Greaves, J. et al. (2020), "Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus", Nature Astronomy: doi.org/10.1038/s41550-020-1174-4

::Another references used::
► Sousa-Silva. C. et al. (2019), "Phosphine as a Biosignature Gas in Exoplanet Atmosphere",
Astrobiology, 20, 235: arxiv.org/abs/1910.05224
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::Videos/TV scenes used::
► Roving Mars (2006) Buena Vista Pictures
► Exploring Venus (2019) Magellan TV
► Star Trek (1966) Paramount Pictures

::Another video footage used::
► ALMA timelapse by ESO/José Francisco Salgado: youtu.be/Tn8Udphi6JA
► Venus UV footage by Akatsuki/JAXA: www.isas.jaxa.jp/en/subject/002099.html
► Bill Clinton footage form the Presidential Library & White House Tv
► Galaxies fly through by SDSS/Miguel Aragon/Tag Subbarao/Alex Szalay: youtu.be/08LBltePDZw

Sound used is licensed via Constructive Commons (CC) Attribution License (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
► "Fusion" by Indive licensed licensed under a CC Attribution license: indive.bandcamp.com
► "Trace Correction" by Indive licensed licensed under a CC Attribution license: indive.bandcamp.com

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Michael Adam Bond

"has shook up the field astrobiology." I was ready to hear some smart stats about Venus but I read the description and actually I'm leaving.

kkg T

There is no life on venus

Eric Francis

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Chief Gully

Anomalous and unexplained chemistry.... scp runs testing attention

Regional 3rd of the trinity in the flesh

Life? Only life out there is God with a large G... Period

LeeLee&Roman Elliott

This is a very intriguing concept. Even if it turns out that there is no life responsible for this phenomenon, the study of the chemical processes involved will only serve to increase our understanding of chemistry. Which is a victory in itself. Additionally, as you claimed, it will also increase our engineering expertise as a entire when it comes to the attempt to study it on-web. Nice video, and thank you for the news!

Gavin McUne

I came here from Apple news

Kindly help me to reach 1K subs with No Video

I pray anyone who sees this live long and be successful in life.


Cautiously hopeful


Nice job youtube for now trending a nice video.


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