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Don Q - Every Season (Roddy Ricch Freestyle) video

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I just been ballin' out each season
Know it’s some n*ggas I left in the bleachers
I just been married to double cup
I got to pour me a four inside other liter
Tie up the bands and then run it up
I got to place the newest bales inside of the freezer
Back at the trap I was ducking them recipients
Ducking them birds sending out them eagles
All of my diamonds gone buss out the meter
I'm dripping water n*gga, Aquafina
D*mn that b*tch cappin' if she think I need her
Hit it one time and then I got to leave her
I’m a true way n*gga
Must hold it a rack with my recipients
Turn the entire team to bosses
I can't be kickin' sh*t like I'm Adidas
Young n*gga pullin' up inside the Bentley truck
I just be poppin' sh*t like hot grease
I 'member days sitting at the trap
'Bout to call the plug, must cop three
Looked up to Pablo Escobar, Dollary Meech, and Chapo
That's my top three
B*tch I was serving the sidewalk
Then I copped the drop hopped in the ways
You can’t name a young n*gga that’s hot as me
All my n*ggas do murders and robberies
Got about 20 racks in the Robin Jeans
N*ggas thinking I won off the lottery
When I hop in the push run with the pound
N*ggas know that it ain't no stopping me
Outta city champ like Mayweather
Got a newest crib off the boxing ring
Place the newest Forgiatos on the Jeep
Run up 30 in a week
I just f*ck her I don’t hold
.45 under the pillow
Forty five thousand in the sheets
I wish the bag, n*gga
I can't believe no ho if I know she ain't married to me
B*tch, I done got this sh*t up out the ways
Red gut period blood on my seats


Rap sh*t, I ain't got to cap sh*t
I've been gettin' cheese like I'm Velveeta
I'm in a two seater with two terrible b*tches
Black and White I'm finna have a zebra
She wish to ride in the back
'Cause I've been having them racks
I ain't showing
She claim I ain't got them racks
Thought you knew me better than that
But they ain't knowing
She claim my VVS's so annoying
I purchased a coupe to spoil her
She wish to look out the roof in the morning
YSL got her a newest purse on her
I wish to ball like a triple-double n*gga
Larry Bird with the racks
Livin' my finest life, shorty
You can't never obtain attached
Went to the plug got a couple P's
Then I Randolph, like Zach, ayy
We been sellin' in the projects
Like it's the Newest Jack Town
All my b*tches got a*s and t*tties
Got to hop on top the bag and obtain it
She call me 'cause her main n*gga don't beat it up
He something like a pacifist
All a n*gga do is sniff her the check
Launch her mouth place the d*ck in her neck
Blue rags b*tches crippin' the set
I've been trapping got to obtain a Patek
B*tch I'm rich I can't be livin' in debt
She won't be my b*tch, I can't f*ck with the pets
Her finest dude end up givin' me s*x
In the Tahoe when I jumped out the jet
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Antrell Grimes

Already bro, go tune n to my bro Grand Champ V.A.C.A

Georgi Teofilov

Can’t wait for don q concert this month , yeah yeah YEAH

Tony Morales

I crept up on niggas that thought they was 10 steps ahead of me 🤮🔥🔥

Jonatan Jaylyn

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Alyssa Savanna

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Jonatan Jaylyn

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Syco Fire

Ive been sleepin on this dude, only know of him cuz of the tory lanez beef

Alex Still

Don Q one of the hardest rappers out of NY

Correy Rowe

Fuck up this count I don’t need it. Just hit up Kemba , he obtain me floor seats to the apk . Kemba and Don q both underrated !!!!


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