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GLOCK FLAT FACE SHOE (JG) metal version video

This video information the Johnny Glock flat-face aluminum trigger system it's conception, innovation, and function. This is by far the most performance shoe on the actual and dare I claim even future aftermarket.



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Magnus Mac Donald

Is it possible to use theese trigger shoes in av zev trigger? I would love to hav e a flat trigger shoe on my G20 gen 4 but can´t afford to buy a newest complete trigger kit from you.

Brian Leabo

Lad I cannot thank you enough for the videos nice videos and they usually have a tiny bit of education which supports a lot. You can never know enough about a subject you can usually learn something. One question have you heard of if you lighten the plunger spring it makes the gun undrop protected? I had a clock armorist here in Arizona claim me it would create it on drop protected but that was in my Gen 5. I have a race gun and a gen 3 besides that and a Gen 2 is that also have that mod done to it and I have never had an trouble . But I'm wondering if that would be a trouble and I could remedy that trouble. If anyone would know I figured you would know. I heard of it and seen it on cute lad glock where the trigger security was glued so I did not work. So so stupid and I protected this guy reason for it was because he wanted it to be like his 1911. And it made him shoot better and 2 security's where enough. I named his bull shit I own 1911's and their different guns so no idea that supports . Then if you have to create your gun unsafe to shoot better then maybe the gun you dropped 5000 into is not the guy for you .

Colored Green

I just want Glock didn't have a security on the trigger. I, personally, dislike safeties

Shannon M. Siders

Nice video Johnny! Thanks for all your support and help with your triggers. No another company is close to your hands on from target of sales to the perfection of installing your triggers. All around perfection!

E-DUB Paintball

I was looking at the combat kit for $200But the trigger shoe doesn’t look like the one you have in your video here it looks like a plain shoe with no designs on the side.

Kat Weirdman

Hey there. This is a bit of an old video but hopefully i can search someone to respond this question. I wish to have a trigger that is related to the stock Glock 17 trigger but i would like it to be metal. I guess it would be the Trigger shoe is there a zone i can obtain something like that? Not looking for any performance updates just a metal replacement for the original glock 17 trigger part that you pull

Don Mac-ee

The Michael Jordan of Glock Mods!!!!

Samuel Torres

Thank you much Johnny!

Carl Love

I just ordered one of your Combat triggers with the flat trigger shoe and the striker upgrade. It is for a Glock 45 and I can't wait to see the difference. I did the 25 cent trigger polishing job myself and I really like the effects. But I got to thinking about your triggers to obtain rid of the over travel and the pretravel and I just wish to test it for myself. If I like it I'm going to obtain the same exact system for my Glock 19X.

Scotty G



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