Hamdard Safi review hindi / 21 days challenge | safi syrup ( blood purifier) uses and side effects Kirti Anand


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Hamdard Safi review hindi / 21 days challenge | safi syrup ( blood purifier) uses and side effects video

Humdard Safi Review Hindi
Sharing my honest experience and effects of the safi 21 day skin care challenge!

One of the most sought after things in skin care is having skin that is healthy from the inside, with clean detoxified body

SAFI- The Blood Purifier Herbal Tonic for Acne & Weight Loss Safi- The Blood Purifier is one of the very old, known & ayurvedic herbal beauty tonics.
The demand for this natural herbal blood cleanser & purifier is still present in today's globe when we have so many cosmetics products and creams which claim to give effects almost immediately. But since we all know they are loaded with chemicals & therefore harmful for us.
Thus being smart enough we opt for such ayurvedic products like SAFI the idea I did. Though I read it somewhere it includes some content which causes several side results on drinking this but since this has been suggested by so many elders and is raved by many, I decided to give this a test myself before coming to any conclusion.

Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier Claims as per Hamdard web Safi is very effective in treating troubles like impurities in the blood, skin eruptions, pimples, boils, heat rashes, itching, nose bleeding, chronic and temporary constipation, measles, a burning sensation while urination and general lassitude.
Safi is also needed as a diuretic and preventive for conditions arising during change of seasons. Naturally pretty skin is clean, soft and supple, just like a babe's skin. It glows naturally and is spotless. Skin Issues are generally caused by impurities in the blood.
Most remedies act externally and deliever only transitory relief and do not address the root cause. Safi purifies the blood and clears the skin from within leaving skin glowing and pimple nonpaid. Its 100% natural composition of 30 essential blood purifying elements and herbs ensures that pimples, acne, blemishes not only disappear but seldom come back.
The herbal remedy for skin diseases such as acne vulgaris, boils, skin rashes, blemishes, urticaria etc. Checks nose bleeding, cures constipation, corrects indigestion, improves complexion and supports you to stay slim and smart Preventive for skin and blood troubles During change of season one dose of Safi could be taken at bed time with water. Especially prescribed for prevention of measles, heat rash and skin eruptions in babes. Ingredients & Contents : Sana, Revand Chini, Neem, Chiraita and Tulsi. To reduce excess weight Safi induces weight loss through diuresis. One dose in the morning and one at bed time to to be taken with water. Record your weight at the run of Safi treatment and also the weekly loss of weight for a month. If the weight drops to normal in one month, reduces the dosage to one dose to be taken at night. In topic of constipation, increase the dose to twice a day with hot water. Dosage & Usage Under ordinary conditions, two teaspoons of Safi Blood Purifier could be taken everyday along with a cup of water, milk or fruit juice for at least 20 days. Precautions. Have light diet. Avoid fried, spicy and rich meal.

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Satish Thakare

Hi, meri age 15 years he to kya me Safi le Sakta hu ?

rifah ali

weight lose ni krna ho toh mai phle se hi ptli hu

Arjun Gehlot

isse ek din mai do baar le skte h?? i mean day and night

Vaddi Lavanya

can we take it at night and mrng both times???

Vaddi Lavanya

thank u so much for your recommendations 😊

Vaddi Lavanya

m not having any acne trouble Bt my face having uneven tone and pimple marks can I use it and after stopping it again did pimple and uneven skin will come again??

Vaddi Lavanya

in starting days any results on face like pimples or dark patches will become more or less ??

Vaddi Lavanya

thank u

Vaddi Lavanya

after 2-3 months using of this can I stop to use and after that can I eat oily and fried meal after stop to use???? Plzzz claim me....

Hardik Lad

mam isko pinise skinme inching hoti hai..to fir yeh lena haii k ni


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