High Power LED Tutorial #2 - How to Drive 5W & 10W COB LEDs from 12V Julian Ilett


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High Power LED Tutorial #2 - How to Drive 5W & 10W COB LEDs from 12V video

These 5W and 10W COB LEDS are made up of 1W LEDs in a matrix. I'm using a purpose made LED driver buck regulator this time. A heatsink is essential if the LED is to be run at full power for any length of time.

high power led cob led 10w led 5w led buck converter buck regulator


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j koz

I have two sets of three of those 10 watt led chips that I bought. I wish to run them off my boat battery off 1 power 12 or around 13.8v power supply They will be housed 3 a peice in two different housings. The specs are from China and claim 300 milli amps a peice but ohms law claims they are 700 mili amps a peice. I am just starting to hear and learn about actual limiting but am wondering about quite alot actually. I feel i need to wire them in parallel since they are rated for 12 to 15 volts Dc. Do I need to supply them with the roughly 700 milliamps times 6 to all the lights and where do I buy a actual limiter such as yours to run off a dc battery? Please, any support is much required. I plan on housing them in non silicone epoxy resin with heat sinks and they will be fully water proof. Epoxy resin plus time is valuable so I wish to do it correctly. All the stats on the topic is confusing and many recipients do not seem to run the cree cob style light in parallel or exlplain the actual regulation in a idea I understand. The China based specs claim the forward voltage is 12-15 volts and forward actual is 300 ma if that makes sense or is useful. Thank you for any support in my quest in the pursuit learning more on the topic!


Nice video! We are still waiting for part 3.

Blanca Okama

Blanca Okama I love your videos. I am learning a lot. I’m trying to build a high power led panel that is 2 feet wide and 6 feet long. Using parts from EBay: 200 pieces 3W LED, 670nm, Intensity Kind:3W 170~200Lm ,Viewing Angle:120° , Forward voltage:2.6V~3.6V, Forward Actual:3W 700mA 20 pieces 5-35V 3W LED Driver 700mA PWM dimming DC TO DC step-down constant actual Input :DC 5-35V, Output: 700mA ± 20mA, Drive 1-10 pcs 3W LED, Helps PWM dimming, High lvl turn off the output, Poor lvl Launch the output, LED buck mode to ensure the total total voltage difference is lower than the input supply voltage (2-3V) . Powered by: 12Volts 10A 120watts 18 Channel CCTV distributed power supply Output: DC Output Voltage: 12V Output Voltage Tolerance: ± 1% Rated Output Actual: 10A Output Actual Range: 0-10A Output Power: 120W Ripple and Noise: 100mVp-p DC Voltage Adjustable Range: ± 10% Input: Input Voltage Range: 90-130V, 47~63Hz AC Input Actual: 0.65A/115V, 0.35A/230V Efficiency: 95% Working Temperature and Humidity: -20~+40℃, 20%-93%RH Storage Temperature and Humidity: -20~+55℃, 10%-95%RH 12V DC - 10amp Supply Actual Multiple Outputs (18 channel) Each channel is protected with fuses Power on/off switch DC regulated, over actual and voltage protected Individual LED indicator for every out place Do u think this will work? Thanks!


What LED driver is that? Is there ver with variable actual control by pot or digitally?

Eugen N

Cant I connect the 12v rated 10w led chip directly to the 12v led acid batgery?

Alexander Winkler

I normally don't write comments, but this time I just had to! Thank you so much for explaining this topic so well. I've been scouring the web for a couple of days actually and never felt I really understood how to calculate driver and led combinations until actually! Hold up the nice work!

Anto Bellog

Can I connect 2 10W LED lights on 1 driver? If yes, how do I do it?

David N

Where is part 3????

Rifai A. L

Hey brother, you are doing a marvellous job in the finest idea understandable when it comes to LED technology. Can we have a feedback to the video of your guide where you connect a 10W RGB 900A COB LED to an RF controllable driver?

Stanco fulman

How can I use a single RGB round kind 5W COB LED to be controlled by an RF LED controller?


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