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How To Get CHEAPER UK Car Insurance! *FREE & LEGAL* video

Here are my 8 Hints and Tricks on how you can obtain cheaper car insurance in the UK! All fully legal, nonpaid to do and very simple. If you have any tricks you think support then create sure to leave them down below in the comments!

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What I do which seems to work: -Insure 2-4 weeks ahead if you're not automatically renewing. -Parked on way can be cheaper than parked in garage. -Mess around with putting recipients on your policies, I had my mum and grandad for 2 years, just mum for 1 year and actually it's most of the time cheaper without anyone. -Tweak your job title, this can be easier or harder depending on what your job is. Don't lie, but different labels that are still appropriate to your job can be cheaper. -Pay annually, I save £100-£600 per year doing this. -If you're renewing the same company and they give you a automatic renewal quote, give them a ring and claim you're found cheaper elsewhere, they will then apply discount. I saved over £200 doing this but they can also give you another tip on how to create it cheaper, that was how I found out it was cheaper to have no one on my policies. -If you have a dash cam some insurers can offer minor discounts. I had a ruin which cost my insurance £10,000 due to "whiplash" (at 4mph) in my first year, and still managed to save £300 and obtain rid of my black box in the next year with 0 no claims.

J .16

Anyone support me out? Got a corsa with steel wheels and wanting to place some standard corsa alloys on. Will this effective my super or not. Thinking it may not as it would have been a manufacturer’s optional bonus. Barring in mind I’m only 18 nearly 19 with 1 year no claims.

Toasty Boasty

Now thought you had stopped youtube as didn't know this was a newest channel thought you still used Boosted. Nice video though!

Jessica Scott

I strongly suggest you to *emeraldcars* to obtain your car insured at very cheap rate .They also sell cars at cheap rate

Queen B

Can you repeat the name of the insurance companies that you mentioned i wasnt able to catch it

TrixyModz T|MT

Adrian , do not believe them . Wanted £6,800 for my 3.0L BMW learners insurance for just 2 weeks ! . Searched for ages and found dayinsure who gave it to me at £100 for 1 month, proper bargain . They also gave me a quote of £189 on an Audi A3 1.4 for 2 weeks . Found other company who did it for £30 ... Check a load of companies !

Liam ksg

Mod declaration all depends on the driver not the car. If you drive like you stole it forget it. E.g I own a engine swapped sleeper but never declare anything. It's cheaper to tax and insure. I also owned a focus st at 22 but declared everything because I didn't believe myself with it. If someone hits you and its not your fault never surrender your information or admit liability. Be responsible as a driver.

Christopher Flanagan

Anyone have any experience with getting insured at 25 for the first time? Apparently once you reach 25 your not high risk anymore. But I'm planning on getting a MK3 Audi TT 2ltr TFSI AWD so I'll probably be shafted anyway! Hahah!


im an electrician and changed my job title to electrical engineer and saved 500 quid

Alaa Hanafy

so I can drive during the first 2 weeks from my buy date until i obtain the finest price or it will be fine if the police catch me ? and when I wish to sell the car in the middle on the month for instance, How I can cancel the insurance, they will ask me for logbook or which document I have to give them ? Thank You


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