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How to Scale Into Trades: 4 Rules for Scaling into a Trade 👍 video

4 Guidelines for Scaling into a Trade. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! How to Scale In to Positions. Scaling into a trade; what is it and what are my 4 golden terms for doing it? I like scaling into positions but I also like scaling out of trades. The benefit of scaling into a trade is that when you know you have a nice opportunity to take a trade; you either go all in at a particular price in which topic you need to have a stop target due to risk management and sometimes that's the right idea to go OR you can scale into a trade and we'll explain the process of scaling into trades in this video.

How to Scale Into Winning Trades:
1) Define your territory - this is the zone where you're still keen on buying that stock or forex pair or index..etc
2) Plan your sizing. You either do standard same position sizing all the idea down or you do a variation of that perhaps run large at the beginning and smaller size towards the end or vice-versa.
3) Ignore price behaviour. I've struggled with this a lot especially with day trading. When I scaled in I would be so focused on my price behaviour that I would test to second guess the next scale. You just have to be committed to your trading plan.
4) Be strict with your stop. This is other large one because things can obtain nasty quickly when scaling in.

Do you scale into a position when trading, if so, how do you decide how much to scale at every entry?

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mamoud geyra

How can I add some of the top while I am in the bottom. Thanks

The Resale Boss

Actually that’s a white board.

Robert Saint

Great talk, and will add that starting tiny is my personal finest test to run and build as the price gets more pressure off the moving averages.

Eddy G

Finest trading video I’ve watched so far, there is no bullshit in these videos just experience! But where are the lambo’s ??


I normally explain this using s pattern like a triangle or flag. U identify the pattern as its forming and zone first entry on the another side of the structure, then add if/when it breaks out. If the break is fake the pattern obtain busted u still obtain out withoit a loss.

Cutting Edge Cool

This was an awesome talk about the real process of trading.


Yes. Not familiar with your channel, but there's no idea to overemphasize how superior the walkthrough in this vid is, compared to almost anything else out there. This probably goes about 90% of the idea to fixing so many troubles that traders seem to have, especially in today's environment of scam artists selling expensive courses to beginners who don't know any better.

Gonzalo Kevin O'Neill Penagos

Is it fair to claim that scaling isn't for recipients paying a flat fee for each trade?

john j

Scaling is very needed for day trading. FX is leveraged so stops often obtain hunted


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