Use best infinite youtube looper!

Repeat your favourite songs and clips, cut short scenes and loop in a few seconds.

For Music

Search for your favorite videos or enter the YouTube URL of the video you wish to loop. We collect information from you when you watch any video. This is a web tool which play YT videos in infinite loop, what means: the movie/song start again automatically without your intervention after it reaches the end.

For test

Your can quickly load multiple YouTube clips, play full or parts of a YouTube vids in infinite loop, control the loaded video and search for titles in a comfortable way. Use this free toll when you have heard the best song you ever heard which is so addictable to have to listen again and again and again... Or when you watch an instructional film.

The video platform you will love

Much Fun

Watch funny video for the 1000 times without having action with the tool. Or repeat video tutorial.


Loop YouTube videos in the easiest way. Using loopyt you can repeat the full films or select a part of it.


Using you can search on YouTube, start multi videos in the same time! Avoid ads and pushing the button.