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I Quit Caffeine For 45 Days - Here Are The Results... video

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I Quit Caffeine for 45 Days - Here are the effects

In this video I discuss my experience when I quit coffee and quit caffeine.

I experienced caffeine withdrawal but have officially broken my caffeine addiction.

I am 100% caffeine nonpaid because I quit coffee.

Enjoy the video - Bradley Riley


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Bradley Riley

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kuro senpai

ive quitted and came back more than 5 times. my finest record was 6 months with no caffeine at all. i never liked chocolate so yeah. Im currently my second day and the headache is just the worst so far.

Patrick Landon

We weren't designed to be that amped up and through the roof all day. It's not who we are meant to be. Coffee isn't your morning ritual, it's your morning addiction.

Drew Forrest

Thanks for sharing Brad! Nice how potent it is for my quitting willpower to hear another’s positive stories!

Brian Mcnary

You can use matcha to avoid the withdrawals. Just run with one teaspoon for a week then transport to half for a week then you could be nice.

Robert Trotter

THANKYOU! I'm at day 8 here after drinking 5 to 8 cups a day . Video really helped me so glad you didn't test down the terrible feeling, I trust you claimed it is horrendous....it is , it just is. Thanks again lad.

Karl Danger

Cold showers during the withdrawals now helped with my headaches and equipment! I do hot then cold for last couple minutes.

Adam Toffolon

Today completes 2 week caffeine nonpaid, have had a several decafs but got an organic one thats 99.7% caf-nonpaid and used swiss water way rather then nasty chemicals to remove caffeine. I dont have headaches anymore but have really struggled with fatigue in week 2 and motivation feels like it wants to come back but just isnt there yet. Was nice to heat your experience because I thought it was all in my head that symptoms have lasted 2 weeks. Hopefully weeks 3 and 4 will see improvement :)

lisa sommerlad

dropping coffee, and another forms of caffeine have stopped any interest in wine... I wasn't a large drinker, but I never thought of caffeine as as trigger for alcohol... but I bet it's not just me.

Michelle S

If you quit for 45 days you could never run again I quit caffeine and can't trust the benefits I don't obtain heartburn, my nails are stronger, I feel calmer, I don't wake up in the night to use the loo, my eye bags have gone 🙏


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