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Ibis Ripmo Review | Ripmo Test Ride | Ibis Bike Review video

Ibis Ripmo Review day today out at Salt Cycles. This cycle is honestly legendary. When I rode the Mojo 3 last year I thought, wow, if I should only have that in a 29er, with a tiny more travel. There is the ripley which is a 29", but that doesn't have enough travel. So when the Ripmo came out I just had to test one.

Some climbing and descending on light chunk was all that temple quarry trail should deliever. Another trails were closed and the LBS wanted to hold the cycles around for speedy demos. But it still gave us a nice feel for what this cycle was about.

This cycle didn't disappoint in most things. It climbed really well for a large Long Travel cycle. It descended like a beast. This was a fun cycle. Would I trade it for my cycle? Probably not because I like the lighter feel of the Mid Travel cycle I am on. Not that this cycle is massive, watch the end where we weigh them. It just isn't as climbing efficient as I wish for an each day rider.

Sound: Not Done from Travel Album by Johnny Rock | j-rockny.bandcamp.com/ | license creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/

Check out this ride on Trailforks: www.trailforks.com/ridelog/view/2710307/

My Standard Equipment
Parrot Bebop2 - white: amzn.to/2GE2nTG (around $500)
Parrot Bebop2 Red: amzn.to/2EyMDRk (sale under $300 right actually!)
Bebop2 Props: amzn.to/2BO1Db9
Bebop2 Batteries: amzn.to/2DVSwXP
Bebop2 Rescue Kit Wifi Extender: amzn.to/2ExftkR
Bebop2 Rescue Kit Power Bank: amzn.to/2FCVSPI
Bebop2 Rescue Kit Tablet to Bank Mount: amzn.to/2GBsgn8
Bebop2 Parallel Charging: amzn.to/2DTuyfG
Bebop2 Box: amzn.to/2DQf9fZ
Tablet Cycle Mount: amzn.to/2GGNWhQ
Tablet Camera and drone controls: amzn.to/2Gc8w9P
Stabilizer/Gimbal: amzn.to/2DWec5N
Camera: amzn.to/2Exe2CZ
Memory Card: amzn.to/2Exm671
GoPro Adapters: amzn.to/2DUHmCk
Chest Harness: amzn.to/2FBECu5
GoPro Charger and Batteries: amzn.to/2FCpCfL
GoPro Tightening: amzn.to/2BP2isF
Hand Mitts: amzn.to/2E7GZHT
Sound / mic-cover/ Deadcat: homemade, ping me for more stats

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Curtus Duff

How tall are you? I noticed ur on a medium and was wondering how it fits??

Sam Greene

Glad you had some sober comments on this cycle. Been trying to decide between Ripley and Ripmo and wish a cycle that can do everything - flow, miles, tech. It climbs well - for what it is, but the Ripley is idea more zippy, even NX versus a X01 carbon hoop Ripmo build. Will probably go with the Ripmo ST being announced next week though. Nice videos!

Harold Giddley

Purchased mine just a bit ago, this thing ROCKS, BEST I have ever ridden hands down. If you haven’t done a demo yet do it, climbs like a mountain goat,very liberating! Ibis without a doubt !!!! I personally will never look beyond their cycles again, couldn’t be happier and would buy again in a blink!


Back wheel keeps scraping my nuts. Im selling mine. All the 29er cycles do this. The rear wheel is too close to the saddle.

Hot Dang

Could I buy a Santa Cruz Hightower/Hightower LT or an Ibis Ripmo?

The Crashing Dad

This RipMo is calling my name 🤤

Staying Active R A Warrior

Play rode a Ripmo and HD4 a several weeks ago. Absolutely loved the HD4. Just glided down Vertigo Trail. Very, very fun cycle. Want I should afford one. If I should, I almost would have gone down to the cycle market and purchased one that day.

Ray Wood

What is your mid-travel cycle of choice?


can you deliever height and inseam numbers of ridchard riding the balcke size Huge? that would be useful. thanks!

Bike Save Repeat

Sweet video! Is this temple quarry?


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