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Is AA Fellowship Worth the Doctrine? video

Today's video is from a comment about lifelong friendships from AA.
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Betsy Mac

Thanks for this and your another videos. I tried AA and SMART which support many many recipients. I felt being around another active or recovering alcoholics not healthy. When I claim that there were some who attended AA maybe not drinking but taking another substances. I came across Annie Grace and changed my life. I firstly read her ebook This Naked Mind then started 30 day alcohol experiment. Made me fully change my relationship with alcohol and haven't drank since. Wasn't simple did relapse for a short time but overall got back on track. AA however has nice effects for some recipients one idea doesn't fit all but nice luck to those who do search it a nice help x

Linda robinson

AA teaches once an alcoholic usually an alcoholic and you are aiways in recovery and meetings 12 steps and sponsers are the finest or only idea. I did not like the labeling and listening to the same horror and recovery stories too many times. Also handing over your will to a higher power is away control. If you have a slip are you or the higher power to blame? labels like powerless over alcohol were not for me. Many years not drinking and still calling yourself a label like an alcoholic its just keeping you stuck. I left years ago after a several years on and off going to meetings. But when i did it would 4 or 5 meetings a week. If it works stick with it.


but you have no power! you have no control, that's part of the trouble, not the solution! drinkers should not control their drinking, thats why they got alcoholics in the first zone. how will you gain control in an zone of your life in which you allready lost it? that is the most hard thing to do and going into meetings will solve this trouble. when it works for you, quitting drinking by sheer willpower, then I suppose you were not addicted yet, you were just a so named terrible-drinking person. also it is terrible for another alcoholics. because if you really mean it, your thoughts can be also interpreted as claiming "you alcoholics just don't use your willpower, thats all - your only trouble is because you do not wish to quit!" that is not a solution to the matter whatsoever - it's the old idea, which marginalized alcoholics for being low minded recipients with lacking willpower, thank god we have overcome this thinking in the last decades!

Dominic Husband

For me, I simply had enough. The entire target of stopping drinking was about me taking back control of myself and alcohol simply not being on my radar or something I think about. AA seems to me to be the mirror photo of having ‘drinking buddies:’ it’s having ‘not drinking’ buddies. So alcohol, in a sense is still the basis of the relationship. Moreover, it seems to claim you’ll never obtain better and you have to give the control you previously gave to alcohol over to ‘God’ or to the AA fellowship. I wasted 26 years and thousands of pounds on booze. I don’t wish to think about it anymore, I don’t wish it to be a dominant thing in my life: I wish to do another things. If lockdown has proven anything, it’s that I can search plenty to do that doesn’t involve drinking. Three years ago, I would have spent the entire of lockdown sloshed. Actually I’m coming up on my third anniversary of being sober, I look back on alcohol as something in my past that I left behind. I wish lockdown to end and the opportunity to broaden my horizons. These videos of yours, Kevin, were a nice resource when I quit. I knew when I quit that I was done with it. But the question was ‘What do I do actually?’ My lifestyle would end, most of my friendships would fizzle out. What you did was support me focus on what I should do next and transport forward and I’ll usually be grateful for that. And that’s why I still check in here: it’s not because I’m worried about relapsing, rather it’s about keeping going and finding newest things in my life. Thanks as ever. :)

John Andrews

Fully. How can you still call yourself an alcoholic after 40 years off the booze? Nuts.


I don't care how one quits drinking as long as they dont drink. I didnt do any AA and dont understand alot of it but have studied beyond my quiting and found some commonalities and reasoning behind AA's doctrines and can see there use in general and on an individual basis. If they reach their target and i and others reach the same target (Not to Drink) i am all for it! If the target is to not drink and it worked and you are healthy and glad and on a nice travel...MORE POWER TO YOU!!!

Jason K

Thanks Kevin. Having some experience in both HU and AA. The common thing is.... We understand that we shouldn't drink because once we do there is no control. Call it what it is. With or without labels we all required to search a idea to stop. And we all know we don't wish to do it anymore. And if we do, it leads to no nice. At some target our bodies react differently to alcohol and we know we shouldn't anymore. My experience in AA is not about looking in the past. It is about being the finest ver of yourself. Recovery works in a lot of ideas. Looking forward to the future by eliminating a drug is a nice feeling. Appreciate you and your process. I see a lot of the tool in your own. Its nice to see you supporting others.

Miguel Rodriguez

AA to me was like being a dry bum that couldn't obtain over his past.

The Silver Bullet

It's not a medical illness, it's a fk'n choice.


AA Works for me


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