Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond items, you get them... ShadowApples


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Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond items, you get them... video

Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond equipment, you obtain them...

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If you're a newest viewer, please SUBSCRIBE. Going to do a video quick where I draw Netherite Equipment, so hold an eye out for that and thanks for the love on this vid 😳

Hannah Shepherd

Y didn’t u obtain netherite

Elizabeth Cueme

:D newest map

jaehyun han

Can i obtain it it looks nice


billy could pursue his life-long dream of becoming a anime artist


Can I ask what mod is this?

Reading Rat

Uhm Billy your discord. Well I left it actually. Out of a reason

trash the kid

yo billy congrats lad so close to 1 million subs. been a while since I watched one of your vids but the quality is still nice

The Messenger

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Russell tataryn

i love your vids <3


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