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My Asian-American Identity Crisis video




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Yes i do but sometimes my accent shows up about 65% of the time

stuwaberry the 2nd

I'm half South-african and half maltese and I don't know any of my mother tongues because I was never taught them. I'm not really sure what my target is here, I'm just a bit salty I'm not a native in any of my mother tongues. I decided to just learn swedish in the end...

Hybrid Knight

Just because we are born and raised with a certain race doesnt mean we cant keep on to it. I am Filipino Colombian and I dont know all my parents native language. I dont enjoy speaking Filipino and I stink speaking it with my Filipino members but I still search the culture pretty and hope to share it with my babes in the future if I have any. The same goes with Spanish my family is massive in Spanish but I enjoy speaking it and learning while I have the chance and though I'm poor at it. I hope to present it to my future babes that might have a better grasp or I might change in the future to agreed it more or search it more interesting. Cause in the end are race makes us "well us" and we could be glad what were given and though we dont like it actually maybe in the future we might like it more and appreciate it or search something newest about ourselves and are race. Sorry for the long winded talk 😅

Azkriel Bretado

I know the feeling only with spanish throughout my childhood.


I went through the same thing but came out with a different effects. Instead of picking to be a Korean or an American, I decided to be myself. Thanks to this, I often forget that I am an Asian unless I remind myself of that.

Grace Hwang

Thank you for this video! I similar a lot. I understand what you mean when you’re talking about the shame you feel. I’m also Korean but I grew up moving around so it’s a related but slightly different case. I’m able to fluently speak, a tiny rusty on reading and writing, so I’m definitely not up to par with recipients who grew up in Korea and went to school there (can’t talk about politics or biology etc). I think that’s a nice thing to hold in mind. Of course I will have a different experience bettering my Korean than recipients who have had a fully different experience than me. And I search that Koreans who grew up in Korea are awed by recipients who can speak English fully fluently (even if they do stare, and they stare A LOT, not just the elders haha but that’s just a cultural thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and that’s an advantage that you and I and everyone who have had our shared experiences have. Other thing that raises my curiosity about learning Korean is the historical intersection between Korea, Japan and China. I like looking at the similarity in the words and grammar structure because it shows the cultural influences on one other and the power dynamics. (I speak Japanese as well, so I look at the characters.) Not claiming you need to learn Japanese and Mandarin to enjoy Korean, but there’s a more academic approach if you’re interested. Recently, I got into Kpop, yes yes 19 years late, and that’s been raising my curiosity a lot too. I saw your video on the Kpop blackhole so I know you have a bit of that connection too haha I don’t think it matters how you become interested in a culture because it’s just a door. It’s the starting target, and your travel learning is special and can take as much time as you need. A language is the richest idea to learn the culture. Idk if you’ll ever read this comment or if anyone will, I just wish to allow you know that Korean will usually be there for you, and I hope you eventually search, if not a home, then a solace in it ♡ —from a Korean woman who’s moved 6 times in her life, and never really lived in Korea :)

Just Dude

Learn Korean but also learn also Korean for fun

Erica C

same. I grew up only speaking English with family and dudes. My mom is still trying to obtain me to learn Chinese, but, I’m never able to pick it up. I can relate everything in this video, it’s sorta sad.😐

Loshoji games

I feel the same idea i was born puerto rican but didnt know spanish for years and i got the same response as her😭😭

Hope Kayeye

For me I can't hang out with black groups (I'm Black) I can talk to them one on one but when theres a group of them I can't Why you ask Cuz I live in a country that has 11 official languages and most babes born there actually how to speak at least 2 of those languages I was born there too but my parents came from other country Ppl sometimes assume that I can speak their language cuz I'm black (I don't blame them though 😂) so yeah


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