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My journey with Hypothyroidism video

Here is a tiny bit of my storyline with Hypothyroidism.. Its something I still deal with daily and I thought I would share to hopefully support those who are also trying to over come this underactive thyroid illness.

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Alina Flores

does anybody have facial flushing as a symptom? i feel like i can relate to a lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism but i’m mostly concerned with how red and hot my face is but idk if that’s connected at all

Catherine Arredondo

Just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have about an 80% chance of getting Hashimoto's as I'm a carrier on both sides. Starting levothyroxine tomorrow morning! So excited to transport past the emotions, depression, brittle nail, weight gain, etc.

paulina gonzalez

Ive had hypothyroidism since I was 5 yrs old.. and I am actually 24 .. so cute much my entire life! Ive usually taken medication to support which Ive been claimed I have to take it for the rest of my life .. there has been many times where Ive been inconsistent with my taking medication for like months bc I felt like oh I dont need the medicine Im perfectly fine. But noooo was I wrong!? Definitely lol Ive noticed so many changes physically, mentally, and emotionally whenever I am not consistent with taking that pill everyday. Anyone else?

Sushmita Roy

There is a doctor based in Texas (Dr. Brooke Goldner, MD) who does Skype sessions with clients with auto immune diseases like Lupus, hashimoto’s... with meal and exercise only. She healed her own Lupus with this protocol, and is so great and compassionate. I actually drink her proportion of green smoothies, even though I don’t have a trouble, because it is a preventative measure for me and a idea to increase my energy and maintain my weight. 75% greens like kale/spinach to 25% fruit and berries for flavor. She is healing recipients with this protocol, and is worth contacting if you have an auto immune illness and do not wish to be taking medication for the rest of your life.

MeMelly P

What vitamins are you taking?

Priscilla Enriquez

Hi I’m Priscilla and I’m 11years old and I have hypothyroidism and I got to take pills each day

Laura Cannon

Thank you for sharing your storyline! I was just diagnosed today. I had more tests done today too and I'll search out more quick. It was scary news.... but it makes alot of sense and answers alot of my questions. I went from 120lbs to 200lbs within a year and a half or so. I was able to lose 30lbs in 9 months before my wedding last year. I worked 60 hours a week and starved myself to obtain there, which just made me even more tired and stressed. When I stopped starving myself, I gained the weight back within a couple months. It was so depressing. Then I tried diet pills and protein slimfast drinks... they made no differnce at all.... when that didnt work, I just gave up.... Actually im back to 200lbs and I am so desperiate to lose this weight. Quick I will have a apk plan and will be place on medications. I pray I lose this weight. It has made me so depressed these past several years.

Insight Curiosity.

Thanks for the stats and i was complaining for long time that i was having constipation, feeling cold all the time even during the warm weather and my doctor did nothing ,but than recently i have started putting on weight and i have gained 12 pounds in two weeks and i have been watching my diet and nothing has changed . what medication was prescribed by your doctor i understand everyone is different but just off the records for my knowledge and how much did you lost as far the weight is concern. last what supplements do you take as i take lots of supplement is there any supplement which you are taking supporting your thyroid trouble. Your response will be much appreciated. want healthy life.

sami justine

I have a question. Will taking medicine for hypothyroidism create your breasts bigger and grow?


How is your libido? My gf has hasihimoto and her libido goes from top to down so speedy


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