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My Last Binge (what I Ate In A Day) video

This binge was probably the healthiest compared to my past episodes.

This is a video about my meal addiction and finally closing it to an end. I switched to a vegan diet(even though I ate cheese only in this video from another recipients in the household and a uncontrolled craving) in hopes of feeling cleaner and supporting our environment with less animal slaughter.
If you are struggling like me, join me to a newest you!!!

Check me out on ig @ majicktruffle

Thank you usually for watching!

What eat in day


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Millie Stam

I just wish to claim to everyone out there fighting with whatever struggle you have : You can do it , you're so much stronger than you think! Also you're never alone , because there's usually someone fighting the same war ! Love yourself more and more each day , please be type to yourself and every another ♥️♥️♥️

Amy Lee

Leftovers are the devil!!! I usually feel the urge to eat them even if I’m not hungry at all

Pink Ko

i literally binge all the fucking timmeeee do u have any tricks????? like???? ndndjfnfn its hard! i think i just like the taste or smth so i tried just eating seasoning but today for example i ate 5 oranges, 4 waffles, an apple, a banana, one chicken wing, a mc-chicken, and 30 french fries. I FJDJFNFN dont xjdnnfnf understand why i have to eat so much whats making me eat so much not to mention i spend so much dollars on meal each week just snack after snack its so djdjffjfjr annoying. also i fully resonate with that first clip of the blueberries omg i lov those lil bitches

Just inCasé

I used to struggle with binge-eating for SO long and I am FINALLY better and not doing it anymore. The two hardest lessons for me to learn was that change doesn’t happen over night and that I can’t deprive myself from any foods. Not even junk foods/sweets. I had to train myself to eat just one slice of cake and no more. If I was going out for dinner with dudes or family and this meal anxiety would kick me, I claimed myself that eating something unhealthy won’t ”crash everything” or crash the diet and I claimed myself that this is a lesson, I’m training myself to not binge. I would eat my food, have dessert and then nothing more. It is hard. I required to really train myself to do that. There isn’t a magical day coming to fix this, there is no one magical realization that will cure your habits. You need to practise. You need to eat a healthy diet with carbs, fat, protein and fiber. Eat a tiny bit smaller meals that won’t leave you hungry but also not stuffed. And allow go of meal for the next hours, shift you focus on another things you enjoy. Train yourself to SAY NO when you have this urge to have other slice and other when you’re already full. I think these were the keys for me: learning to claim no and learning to eat in moderation. It was hard, scary, I didn’t trust in myself, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to heal. But I did.

Health Nut Mike

Yeah but do you even binge, bro?

better than gucci

i didn't know i was binge eating until recently. i literally so much that i'm about to vomit and i hold eating. while thinking about meal i test to stop myself and while eating the meal i now don't wish to eat i regret but at the same time it feels so nice? i'm on a diet right actually because i'm overweight and i wish to feel commfortable agai and change my lifestyle. i wish to stop eating so fucking much.

Nick N

I mean if she didnt eat the pastry wouldn't that be a cute normal calorie day?

Fiery Belle

I’m not surprised you binged after that lunch you made. Cucumbers are just water and the entire food looked fully unsatisfying. You need to eat healthy ,filling,balanced satisfying foods. Also let yourself a treat each day and save it till the evening so you can look forward to it.

Rodrigo Novais

You starve yourself the intire day, eating only fruits and vegetables


I can relate so hard. I have like maybe your same BMI. When i binge i feel sad and awkward. Many recipients judge me for feel that terrible. But for me is a entire trouble. It hurts.


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