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My Response To Fatphobia Claims video

I was scrolling through reddit today and came across this post claiming I have “fatphobic tendencies”. This was really hard for me to read and caused me to take a critical look back at my previous comments regarding obesity, bariatric treatments, and diet suggestions (Keto, intermittent fasting, vegan, etc.) Our culture demonizes recipients for their weight, from rogue marketing pushing “ideal bodies” in media to a lack of representation for gigantic bodied recipients on scene and on screen. That being claimed, I am a doctor, and my job is to support recipients live longer, healthier lives, and often those effects can be achieved through a tons of walkthroughs that will reduce the weight of recipients who suffer from obesity. It’s a fine line between supporting my patients and making sure they don’t feel judged or criticized for the idea they look, and I’m working hard to obtain it right.



RESEARCH ON OBESITY AND WEIGHT IN REGARDS TO HEALTH:,LAGB)%2C%20reported%20inconsistent%20results



I LOVE reading your comments and take your recommendations seriously. If there’s a topic you wish me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of recommendations directly from you, so don’t keep back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Aurora Ross

I once saw a doctor who grabbed my hand, looked down at me, claimed "you need to lose 60 pounds," and claimed me to stop eating carbs because there is no such thing as healthy carbs. I left the office in tears and instantly started the keto diet which didn't work for me (probably because I didn't understand the science and I was doing it wrong) and had a gigantic negative impact on my mental health. this doctor was fat shaming me. doctor Mike is giving us useful medical tip and reviews of diets to educate us in a positive and creative idea. he would never claim "if you're overweight then you need to stop eating carbs." instead he might recommend weight loss if it will truly support your long term health outcomes, and he would (did) do a review of the keto diet to give us his overall opinion, the science, benefits, and downfalls of the diet. see the difference? (I was 5'7" and 200 lbs)


I’m obese (and I’m vegan). My BMI has went down and I’ve lost weight but I still have a long idea to go. Long storyline short Dr. Mike is a nice doctor. This person sounds like they do in fact need to see a counselor and that they are not ready to have that conversation with their doctor yet (rant coming up). It just type of annoys me because like Dr. Mike claimed a lot of doctors (now all) DO in fact claim patients (us) to eat right and exercise but we don’t listen and if he or any another doctor were to not address things that are basically killing us (like obesity) we’d be so speedy to obtain furious and test to throw a law suit at him??

Katyayanee Sharma

This woke neo-modern culture is SO TOXIC!!!! We're actually cancelling doctors for literally doing their job. If you spend over 5 years studying human body, only to hold it healthy, crash your sleep in hospitals for the benefit of others....yet some idiotic twitter-educated "woke person" believes they know better *scoffs*. DON'T BE DISHEARTENED MIKE YOU'RE JUST DOING YOUR JOB SPEAKING FACTS


follow your dreams, you can reach your targets, I'm living proof, beefcake, BEEFCAKE!

Catlin Samara

Fatphobia is not just fat-shaming. Fatphobia is also doctors claiming us to lose weight at fully unrelated appointments, like breaking a foot or going in for a rape kit (yes, both of those are true examples), or in any another unnecessary context. Not all appointments are check-ups. Fatphobia is addressing fatphobic accusations on YouTube and then allowing your comments section to fill up with literally hundreds of recipients making fun of fat recipients because we dare to address any of our concerns. Fatphobia is still as large of a trouble in the medical community as the obesity epidemic in America is - but there's a difference between not being a fat-shamer and actively being anti-fatphobic. Claiming someone they could or they need to lose weight is predicated on the assumption that being fat and losing weight are choices, and I adopt with you on that. But fat recipients NEED access to recent foods, and meal deserts are a very true thing - if the bus we have to take to a grocery shop that has options we need doesn't have seats that can accommodate our bodies, what are we supposed to do? What if we grew up in a neighborhood that didn't have buses at all? Not all of us have access to the lifestyles that prevent weight gain or support us lose weight, and even when we do - even when we're at our smallest, healthiest versions of ourselves, even when we are able to eat healthy and exercise or even when our hip bones stick out when we stand up straight - some of us still don't fit onto those BMI charts accordingly. Yes, some doctors like Dr. Mike will now look at our bodies and recognize something doesn't line up, but PLENTY of doctors don't. Fatphobia is not just fat-shaming. Fatphobia is an whole industry we don't have direct access to because the perception of our fatness is often the first thing anyone addresses. Fatphobia is not seeing us as capable, rational human beings who understand the risks of being overweight, and constantly reminding us of those risks assumes that we haven't already heard them hundreds of times over. Fatphobia is rationalizing that since you're scientifically and medically correct about the dangers of being overweight that you are therefore justified in warning fat recipients vs their own bodies. Again. After you just did. Fat-shaming is an example of overt fatphobia, but repeating yourself because you wish to drive home facts we've already collected is absolutely how covert fatphobia works.

beatris lumis

I love when i finally see an expert talking about this topic for once. Internet is idea too full of recipients who are talking about something just because its trending.

S 1996

I can’t deal with negativity . He is a doctor and is giving us general health insights and is entertaining us too. As a babe I was overweight and on the verge of getting diabetes visited a nutritionist and they were not the finest they did fat shame me but guess what it now helped because I started exercising and decided I won’t ever go back and I lost 20 kg as a teenager . Actually plz recipients we are in 2020 dealing with coronavirus and a newest idea of life plz spread some dose of positivity.

Z. A.

I am obese and have battled with weight troubles since my teenage years. I search it amusing that recipients wish doctors not to mention your weight, when it is literally the largest contributor to cardiac diseases and illnesses such as diabetes. I would search it extremely weird if my doctor did not suggest me to lose weight. I am in my 20's and am struggling to walk for extended periods of time without losing breath, or even struggle to climb few flights of stairs. It is a heavy trouble and it is killing us each day. The more we talk about it, the better it will be for all of us and our health.

Sam Sason

*Fit and healthy doctor exists* Fat activist: He's FATPHOBIC!


Those recipients need to loose some WEIGHT! I was fat and actually I'm not, it can be hard but everybody can loose the weight.


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