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Mystic Esoteric Manuscripts - Conscious Hip Hop Mix (432Hz) video

Esoteric, one of those words that too many seem weary about.. why the taboo? All the word means is deeper within, or from an inner circle, related to occult, meaning hidden from the "ocular".. and unfortunately, dark forces have occulted knowledge & power to their advantage which has set the scene since antiquity for our actual corrupted human and globe conditions.. This mix will discuss the NWO (and/or the old globe order) and touch on the dark illuminati, masons, false flags, etc..
Light needs to be shed on this case starting with the terms esoteric and occult cuz there are both light and dark forces that associate with it, like the illuminati and freemasons.. the word illuminati just means enlightened one, which is kinda ironic for dark satanic occultist illuminati recipients who claim this enlightenment title, but are using it for black magic and control over others, which is not that high of a vibration in an enlightened state of consciousness.. they'll think otherwise but go figure.. it’s rather important to understand how they operate regardless..

We all need to shed light on the darkness- within ourselves as well as the macrocosm, once self-illuminated.

The cats outta the bag in this modern day of immediate stats, therefore those who hide knowledge for terrible reasons need to be exposed and those who hide it for nice reasons need to step forward and share their wisdom.. too much disinformation/misinformation, psy-ops and controlled opposition have made the path to truth and enlightenment quite a tricky one.. But through intuition, critical thinking, an launch mind, controlled ego, pre-existing beliefs and biases aside with a entire lotta discernment, i have faith that anyone can truly awaken to what’s really taking zone on this planet and transform themselves into their own savior.. using these faculties and what ever else may be of service will be of nice aid to the seeker, who will need to hold up persistent dedication, but one needs to genuinely WANT to seek the truth from the very run.. problem with that is the fact too many trust they know the truth already and won't look beyond that while enforcing their actual beliefs and rationality.. Nobody claimed this process is simple or enjoyable, but, at least to me, it beats being in blissful ignorance

There will be a full video compilation as the B sides of this mix coming out quick, which will relentlessly give many key visuals to these matters and more.. all aggressor- no filler.. aggressor? like killuminati?! Remember those times in rap? haha, viewer/listener discernment advised- it's up for you to figure it out.. i can't claim that all stats shown is 100% anyway, but it's not the typical conspiracy rap.

TRACKLIST - this is loaded to claim the least- thick material

The Discovery - The Mystics
Cosmic Trigger - Jewelz Hunter (here's the ebook referenced www.freepdf.stats/index.php?post/Wilson-Robert-Anton-Cosmic-trigger)
Break It on Down - Mayhem Mystics
Birds Of A Feather - Abstract Rude & Tribe Special
Visions (revisited snippet with David Icke) - Kubiq
Rabbit Hole - Profoun Poet
Intro (All Seeing Eye) - Eyecue
Illuminati Interlude - DJ Zeph
Illuminati - Killah Priest ft. Rasul Allah
Truth Part 2 - Diabolic
Illuminazi - The Lost Babes of Babylon
The Immaculate Deception - Payday Monsanto
Tactical Subversion - MC Ma'at
Rayo Azul (Blue Beam) - Beast 1333
Acropolis (snippet) - Atom Tha Immortal
Artificial Enhancement (snippet) - Formula Abstract
Inner Sanctum - Iconz
Manhattan Project (snippet) - El*A*Kwents
Gibaal Tea (snippet) - Mystik Journeymen
Mind Tricks - Per Aa Ra
Unseen Hand Interlude
Depth (Awaken remix) - Boss Britt ft. Rob Life
Just The Truth - Apakalypse & ATMA
Illuminati - Sol Zalez Feat. A.U.R.C.
It Just Don't Stop (ill snippet) - The Roots
Master The Scrolls - Per Aa Ra
Result of the Cause/411 - Pasha
Rosetta Stone - Blood Of Abraham
L'interlude des Simpsons - Doc Gynéco (stone cutter french ver, you remember that episode?)
Puppeteers - Maximus da Mantis ft. Sense of Art of Convenant
Hymns (with Full Igan) - Mystik Journeymen
The Thief in the Night - Aceyalone & Mumbles on beats
Break the Spells of Word Magic - DJ Yas versus Tag Passio
Pon' A Star - Audiopharmacy Prescription
Nuclear Hip Hop - Mood ft. Talib Kweli
Outro (hidden track) - Luckyiam.PSC (Pushing Suckas Consciousness(to the next lvl)) ft. ????

May love and truth be with you


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AwakenYaMind you killed it! 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏽👽


Check out Tag Passio at or his YouTube channel What on World is Meeting!


Fuck yeah aggressor mix. Scream out to Tag Passio on much of the talking. 🔥👌🏽👽


that mix is LIT Hey where can i search a copy of that eyecue intro all seeing eye? that shit went hard af

Poniboi Shelluv

He's on Fireeeeeeeeeee

Oy Vey, the Goyim Know!

Love hearing truth scary equipment tho..

Nicolas Arcos

luz para todos , que Dios sea con ustedes y con los que rompen la oscuridad con su energia de amor

Rhum Gyhn Music


I enjoy this self reflection cry out thank you 🙏 for The sacrifice that you have laid Check my channel sopha ahpos /or / SOPHAENTERTAINMEMENT

Chris Guardado

Stay human


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