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Nick Cannon Responds To Being Fired By Network: "You Can't Fire A Boss!" video - Login Cannon would obtain some unfortunate news yesterday as it became noted that his long running relationship with ViacomCBS has come to an end. The network claims that Cannon's newest remarks on his podcast were viewed as offensive and claim he failure to apologize would effects in them cutting their ties with him. Cannon has actually responded. Ig: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

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Hyperion Dark

He only got in problem because he mentioned his jewish owners lol

P Gordon

We are seeing them for who they really are. The sooner some of these another blacks stars realise this the better. It will be them next. Create no bones about it. Don't stay quiet because you feel you don't wish to lose what you have! You will eventually so test saving what you can actually by speaking out! WildnOut

e s t u p i d o p u t a


Will Taylor

When are you all gonna learn.. The Jewish whites ' with power definitely don't care about blacks. They only care for the ones making their $.


What a moron. You can fire bosses quite easily. Consider yourself fired "boss"

Earl Ross

Just one more reason Blacks need to have their own, including radio stations, TV stations, banks, shops, etc etc... Not preaching separatism, but the only idea we can completely be ourselves is to become our own power to not have to respond to no-one another than ourself.

Eric oung

Damn first he obtain fired from Americans got talent actually wild and out and both for dumb reasons Honestly i feel Login is stubborn lets be true wild n out and AGT pays him a bag and yet hes will to fall on his sword for dumb comments in both cases. Idk i dont mind if someone wish to die on a hill but create sure its the right hill


No one dares to speak out about pedophilia because they operate as honeypots and there has been hundreds of reports about these criminals but the system is so corrupted that the FBI even covers for them. Those who speak out are usually killed like Avicii for his "For a better day". Others who have "committed suicide" like Chester Bennington and Isaac Kappy were also about to expose the pedo ring too. You can find up Isaac Kappy's video stating that he is not suicidal when he exposed the top names in Hollywood for pedophile before he died 4 days later after the video is posted but it is also in the Pedogate part 2 by Mouthy buddha documentary of the Down the Rabbit Hole playlist I linked down below. Jeffrey Epstein is claimed to operate his honeypots by luring recipients into doing incriminating acts and videotaping them, especially with babes as young as 7 years old. Have you heard of the NXIVM cult that has been arrested for mass sex slaves and babe trafficking lately? It's been recently released that it's a global heavy network that connects to recipients at the top from government officials to celebrities (i.e Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Lady Gaga, Hilary Clinton, Senators, Oprah, Alex Baldwin, and more). It is shocking the more recipients they arrest day by day. I highly suggest you watching the videos I mention below first before going Down the Rabbit hole playlist since they're more relevant to actual news. Please create sure to copy this comment and share as much as you can. News about Epstein and the NXIVM cult that the media "missed": It's so hard to search these videos so someone made this Down the Rabbit Hole Playlist with all the relevant stats. Some vids have millions of views but you can't find for them. It seems like Youtube is hiding them. Fall of Cabals, Out of the Shadows, and Pedogate are the documentaries I suggest from this playlist: Qanon, a governmental insider source, who has been releasing stats since 2017 about Epstein before his arrests. This channel made a really nice video on statistical probabilities of Qanon drops that prove it's a part of the whitehouse: Gotta watch! Adrenochrome videos: Top picks from playlist above. Pedogate videos: Top picks from playlist above. Satanic Ritual's of the Elite: Suggested channels about these subject to subsribe to: If you find up "How Young Blood Might support" on Youtube. There's a Stanford University video explaining how the blood of young babes has rejuvenating properties which can be why the elite prefer to eat and traffick young babes. Excessive adrenochrome is also linked to Black cornea deposit too which explains the many celebrities and governmental officials with black eyes. Look into how Adrenochrome is extracted and you wont be able to sleep. Adrenochrome research: Young blood research: Credits: cov fefe


present was trash anyways.


It's time for Blacks to be their own boss


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