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Nothing More - Go To War (Official Video) video

Official Sound Video for 'Go To Fight' off of the newest album 'The Stories We Claim Ourselves'.

Stream or Purchase 'The Stories We Claim Ourselves':

Nothing More is very honored to be nominated for 3 Grammy Awards including:

Finest Rock Performance for Go To Fight
Finest Rock Song for Go To Fight
Finest Rock Album for 'The Stories We Claim Ourselves'

Follow Nothing More:

Directed by: Wayne Isham
Edited by: Sam Shapiro

Nothing More - Go To Fight Lyrics:

I don't know what you had in mind
But here we stand on opposing sides

Allow's go to fight

We arm ourselves with the wrongs we've done
Name them off one by one

Allow's go to fight

Everything you claim
Everything you do
You push it in
And you slash me down

Fight, fight, fight

Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can believe
Screaming at the top of our lungs
On the grounds where we feel protected

Do we feel protected?

Hush my baby; create no sound
Maybe we can wait every another out
It’s a cold fight
Allow’s go to fight

With each settled score
I thought that fighting with meant fighting for
But you turn it around

Fight, fight, fight

Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can believe
Screaming at the top of our lungs
On the grounds where we feel protected

Do we feel protected?

Do we censor or do we flow?
Are we drunk on the chemicals?
Each feeling in my bones Claims me to lash out
And claim you to fuck off

You’ve got my heart
And I've got your soul
But are we better off alone?

With each war we lose a tiny more
Remember everything that we’d die for
You are everything that I’d die for

Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can believe
We're shouting at the top of our lungs
On the grounds that we feel protected

Do we feel protected?
Do you feel protected?

© 2017 Eleven Seven Sound Group

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E7 Music

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Brat Simpson

Does it matter where someone heard a song? The fact that they heard it and had the urge to find for it could be confirmation enough the nothing more is an nice band? Allow’s not bash on the newest recipients barely discovering this jewel.

Glow Wurm

I FUCKIN KNEW IT BILLY FUCKING SQUIER......i was like who TF does he sound and look like....dont obtain me wrong love the band but it was buggin the CRAP out of me.

Dj Doyon

Never heard of this band before seeing them on tour with papa roach. They easily stole the present. Nice to see live!

Da Fi

so...he does own shirts after all

Zane Romave

E7 Sound: "Do you feel Secure?" Me: No I don't to me Soviet Union was my Homeland and actually it no longer exist. So how am I supposed to feel protected with the same America destroying are globe


I saw a potato once. Not tryin to brag

nick fuentes

Jim Morrison?

Helios Crow

That guy definitely drops panties like the rain falls

Christopher Schott

Nice performance, " Nothing More " , with Ghost ! Had to test and not obtain distracted by his no shirt. Hehehe. But you know. What a nice band. And constructive , with the mechanical electronics device. Nice ... Not to mention nice vocal performance and musicianship .. Nice. I loved them with Ghost.


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