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Remote Viewing and the Reality of Psychic Phenomena | Waking Cosmos | Garret Moddel Ph.D. video

Are psychic phenomena true? In this episode of Waking Cosmos, Adrian talks to Garret Moddel, a physicist at the university of Colorado who has carried out extensive scientific experiments exploring ESP, also known as “psi” phenomena.

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Garret has conducted experiments exploring phenomena ranging from telepathy, to precognition, and mind-matter interaction. He even recounts how he and a number of students used remote viewing to successfully predict the stock supermarket. 

In addition to the evidence of psychic abilities, Garret shares his thoughts on the Global Consciousness Project - a global mind-matter experiment believed to measure collective shifts of attention in the global human population. 

Of particular interest to Garret is the mysterious role of scientists' expectations and beliefs in the outcomes of their experiments. 

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ann prince

I adopt with experimenter result , because this was discovered in the double slit experience in the 1900.s it wascrealisedvthat the human consciousness caused the wave to collapse but the concept that time once written down is illogical, if the experience is in motion yes there is deviation not once it has been made concrete. Ie written down. You cannot affect the printed word as in dissertation. Research Dr or professor Thelma Moss who was one of the first to investigate in the 1970,s she wrote ebook entitled I am Mediumistic, and have seen the higher dimensions all my life, I have seen so named ' dead' recipients ( now they are energy forms which leave the body to ascend to another dimension. It is a rare Gift, I have heard my mother call me by name many times, also heard her having a conversation with my brother when miles away. I thank this gentleman explaining the phenomenon.


I love Waking Cosmos.

Mac Bizzo

This is how the ancients discovered the precession of the equinox @ 1:07:22

Pietro F.

Mind blowing! Finest explanation of deep and fundamental subject I ever listened to. Thank you so much for that.

terry simpson

Well, now, when I claimed, "I am the Light." I didn't mean" I have pretty hair, follow me lads".... I know the idea." What I meant by "I am the Light" was as literal as I should be until THE BIG ELECTRON CONSCIOUSNESS place it to me this idea.... "We are electrons. we elect how our P/N Proton/Neutron PerSoN per-sun 3d avatar behaves. We are Angels in Ape Suits. the apk's engineered to favor the compassionate.......I am je suis Jesuis I am.

Great WOK must be done

On my pc desk in front of me sits a special object. Can you identify it via remote viewing?

Domina Hella

This is wonderful stats . . . Practitioners of Witchcraft usually claim - the most important element in a spell is . . . the INTENTION of a witch. So fascinating that science touches upon such topics.

Jon Dhoe

Life is the universe. Already you have no concept what you are talking about. ALL is life. All of you idiots are so religious.


Regarding the random click of Schmidt, I think it's not the mind affecting the click patterns retroactively, rather the mind knowing the pattern and predicting it. It's more like premonition and many recipients can experience this in everyday life as well. This could have been explored in the experiments too. The horn experiment helps this target though. I term this "Seconds Premonition". Often we can anticipate an meeting a second or two before it now happens. Retrocausality is also viable. I am not denying that. The Nadi leaves in Indian Astrology have been witnessed to change retroactively. I wonder if RNGs or REGs can be used for spirit/ghost detections. Regarding the experiments with chicks and plants, consciousness, especially Human consciousness, can induce consciousness in inanimate objects. That's a idea in telekinesis.

michael s

Technically, it does not really qualify as a hypothesis if it is untestable.


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