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RESPONSE: Pagan Idol Worship at the Vatican - My Catholic Perspective video

Is the outrage deserved? I touch on 6, what I trust to be pivotal & logical, arguments as to why I trust the the Ritual was unifying and purposeful. The first minute and 15 seconds is used for an analogy that I reference throughout the video. The 6 points I discuss are explained at length at the following time stamps:
2:44 - #1. Territory & a host’s duty
3:29 - #2. Pope Francis’ Body Language
4:08 - #3. The Friar’s Participation
4:25 - #4. The Blessing of the Gaia Statue
4:48 - #5. The Placement of the Gaia Statue
5:30 - #6. The Amazonian’s Processional post-dancing
I hope this video offers you a Catholic Perspective that seems to have been missed in both the Catholic & secular media.

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Ultimately, I wish to encourage you to stay close to our Blessed Mother and her son, and I can promise you will feel their peace & love deep in your soul.

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Brett. Crealy

Ali May Ingram, I understand what you were claiming! And I thank you for explaining the nuances of the meeting! I've only heard protestants and Catholics alike freaking out about it! I've seen related things with the Queen of England, recipients hand her all kinds of things, she graciously takes them and hands them off to an aide, and the meeting moves on.. I'm cute sure she doesn't dance around them furiously either.. It's the same when they go to the foreign country, they have to bear with bare-breasted half covered natives without flinching, out of respect and courtesy! It doesn't mean they adopt with the proceedings.. it's named diplomacy! The Vatican is a state isn't it? So, therefore Pope Francis conducts proceedings as each leader of a State does, with dignified diplomacy! I imagine these recipients going back to their country, and seeing a Catholic church, going in and having a look around actually, because their first large introduction was so respectful! Christ, like his chosen fishermen disciples, know that one gotta catch the fish before one cleans the fish! Bless Your heart! By the idea, do you have a feedback to the clip of this taking zone by any chance? Everyone whose been freaking out about it hasn't bothered to present it.. I'm yet to see the clips of it myself.. Also, can you offer feedback to Catholic YouTube blogs that are supportive of Pope Francis, I am yet to search any! Yours was the first.. how sad that is.. but I'm grateful for tiny mercies.. 😊

White Dove

What about the Pope kissing & blessing the Koran?????????????????????????????????????????

White Dove

So Prostrating in front of of a fake idol is forbidden?????????????


Those idols have demons associated with them and what the Pope did is permission for these demons to invade these churches. Catholics gotta actually rely on personal crosses, scapulars, rosary and holy water to protect themselves. Comments on your six points: 1. The Amazonian tribe going to the Vatican and trying your finest not to offend them does not justify blessing their religion. There is no launch dialog to change Catholicism to Paganism allowed ever. 4. Blessing a pagan idol is worshipping the pagan idol, that is a violation of the first commandment. Blessing a pagan idol to please the Amazonian visitors is wrong. 5. You fail to mention that the Pope accepted the idol and had them taken to few Catholic churches, again those were wrong. Fostering nice will upon an Amazonian tribe does not justify this blasphemy. That is misplaced love, you forgot the first priority - love of God. Pope Francis did not convert anyone in this gesture he showed the globe that Catholicism is not sure of its doctrine and is willing to agreed another religion's idols and philosophies and run what you call a "dialogue". 6. Just because the Amazonians made the sign of the cross that does not mean we could bless and agreed their idols into our churches in return.

Marcus rivera

Lol it's kinda funny cause i'm a Jew that beliefs in the Messiah soo lol no but ummm God commanded us to not have idols of another gods and photos even if they're of him so automatically what Vatican did is fully wrong, nothing deserves our worship except God, and that also contains the virgin marry and the saints, i mean come on, just beacause she gave birth to the Messiah don't create her holy cause Yeshua/Jesus himself claims the no human is holy soooo, and clearly the scriptures claim us that when the Israelites made the golden bull statue they were worshipping it in the of God and they had nice intentions but that still didn't create correct cause it goes vs what commanded.


That's your opinion. But, in my opinion, bringing an idol into a church is a mistake.


The recipients in these comments are insane. What an embarrassment.

charlie charlie

So you let idol worship in an altar dedicated to God. Would Jesus let this practice in front of him? This is madness. He could not let this. We could be salt of the world not mediocre which jesus claimed he will spit out of his mouth.

Josh A

This is so wrong

Michael Rex

The analogy is very polemic but thoroughly inaccurate. God has a right to be worshiped; therefore, for a Catholic to be able to pray is a matter of right, not hospitality. Demons do not have a right to be worshiped; therefore, for pagans/heretics/&c. to pray is not to be tolerated publicly (maybe unless it would cause nice damage to the common nice to suppress it). To equate the two is to place Catholicism on the same grounds as paganism -- truth on the same grounds as error. This has its foundation in the modernist error of agnosticism condemned by St. Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, which manifested itself in the documents of Vatican II as "religious liberty" and later in the different "ecumenical" movements. What Pope Francis did was objectively scandalous -- what took zone is beyond the bounds of hospitality, because it was the tolerance of a moral evil without due cause (i.e. to have not tolerated it would not have harmed the common nice). We have two millennia of history of martyrs who died, not even just for refusing to worship idols, but for condemning their worship altogether without compulsion. We have two millennia of history of lads who gave their lives in testimony of Jesus Christ, who went out and converted the globe. They did not do this for the Pope to sit idly by and let idolatry in the very home and seat of the Catholic faith. If we could rather obey God than lads, it is because we could rather please God than lads. Do you wish to be hospitable? Then bring the Catholic faith to the Amazon -- not the Amazonian "faith" to Catholicism. Consider this a sufficient response to the host's duty. To the second target, Pope Francis looks like that in most each video I can recall seeing him in... moot target. Third, belonging to a culture does not give the right to partake in idolatry, even if it is the culture's idolatry. To claim otherwise is to reduce religion to the natural lvl, at which target one might as well be atheist. Fourth, blessing an idol does seem less than appropriate. Things are blessed in order to be made holy, but the idol remains unholy and an abomination by the very fact that IT IS AN IDOL; therefore, the blessing is inefficacious and sacrilegious (by definition using something sacred profanely -- either without cause or result, or vs its proper end). Fifth, refer to the first with regard to God's rights. Sixth, ibid. God is the only God who exists. Concedo. Omnes dii gentes dæmonium. All the gods of the gentiles are demons. ...and they certainly exist. Offense at demon-worship is not rooted in insecurity, but love of God, which necessarily entails hatred for all that offends him. As for another religions providing "insight", this is simply impossible. The Catholic Church is the only one that possesses revelation [formally], and pagan sects do not even possess it materially; therefore, pagans cannot deliever insight into the faith [as such]. At finest, they can deliever insight into natural realities (as, for instance, Aristotle did with philosophy), but we basically have all of that already with the scholastic tradition of philosophy and [true] science. ...and the Catholic Church is the only means of salvation, not just the surest. Quicumque vult salvus esse, ante omnia opus est, ut teneat catholicam fidem: quam nisi quisque integram inviolatamque servaverit, absque dubio in æternum peribit. Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is essential that he keep the catholic faith. Which faith unless each one do hold entire and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish everlastingly. (Athanasian Creed)


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