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Sony A99II Review | John Sison video

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I take a look at the Sony a99ii, Sony's latest top of the range full frame A-mount camera. Featuring Sony's translucent mirror technology with dual phase detection autofocusing, this camera looks to be promising for recipients that shoot speedy action pictures. The camera also informations a 42 megapixel sensor, 12 fps, 5-axis stabilisation, Wi-Fi and a lot more informations for any kind of photographer.

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Malcolm Clark

Hi John, I'm a bit surprised you didn't use the front knob on the A99II much. I shoot an old mk 1 and search the knob super needed for changing autofocus setting, particularly as it is close to the lens so my brain finds it simple to relate (lens-focus, focus lens!) Does the mk2 have auto focus range control? This is a information I use on the mk 1 when shooting wildlife in woodland or long grass - so I don't focus on those irritating leaves or stalks that obtain into shot! IPS: see you can actually obtain "imaging edge" for this camera (since October)

Lee McCurtayne

All these years later, you are lucky to search a nice used one under $3200, talk about holding their value.

David Cole

Bought this camera today. I started my DSLR Life with the Sony A200 many years ago. Took a large leap from this to the A77 and then the A77 Mk2. So far i am really impressed with my upgrade. Thanks for this review, Oh and i love the outtakes


Can you create a comparison video between the A99 m2 and the a7r m2 and present the pictures and video taken from them?

Joseph Sanchez

My question is and the flash? No, there? And why?


It's a shame that this camera has not received more attention as it really is awesome, and for some, especially when using large, massive speedy glass, the DSLR style ergonomics are just more comfortable than the ergonomics of the e-mount cameras. The e-mount cameras are obviously the main focus of Sony's attention, and they have sexy specs for sure, but if this is a-mount's swan song then it is one hell of a idea to go out in style

Roger Bindl

Did you run play for A99II over-heating when shooting 4K video? Sony claimed me it could run 30 mins before overheating. I obtain about 12 mins and then it gets progressively worse after shutting down to cool off. I got it just over a month ago but they're trying everything to obtain out of fixing it... I'm suppose to turn off stabilization, tilt the viewer up so the back gets more air, turn off the viewer, or basically turn off all the function you need for shooting video.

SK 1312

This camera is seriously underrated.

Stan Simpson

Thanks for your review John. I use the A77ii and I would change to the A99ii but there's two reasons that stop me doing so. Firstly is the price and secondly is that I need the bonus reach that i obtain from the A77ii. Being an APSC body gives me that 1.5 bonus reach on my 70-200mm f2.8 lens. I shoot a lot of wildlife and it's hard to obtain close enough. I use a 1.4x Tele as well and this gives me a 147-420mm f4 lens. This works nice for me!! Thanks again John for your review. You're doing a nice job. Cheers.

L. Marshall

Nice review as usually John. I'm going to add this camera to my A-mount family. I was thinking of making a decision between this and the A7RII, but I don't wish to mess with adapters or buying newest lenses right actually.


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