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Stephen Curry Postgame Interview - Game 5 | Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals video

Golden State Heroes versus Toronto Raptors - Full Apk 5 Highlights | June 10, 2019 NBA Finals

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Im for Toronto but everyone must respect Curry, he did so much for the Heroes and took them on his back when Thompson couldn't test

Future Cameron

Prayers goes out to KD obtain well quick legend🙏🏿 #GSW

Chris Eason

U only wish to victory bro 💯😂 claim the truth Steph Curry u don't give a fuck about kd u only wish to victory I saw the expression on your face when he got harm bro it was a look of dam we going to lose


As a Raps fan, felt shitty when seeing another lovers cheering when KD got harm. Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Im surprised they place him in, knowing he was questionable. Hope for a speedy recovery, he was nice to watch him test ball, and knowing this injury will negatively affect his apk moving forward, is just downright heart breaking.

Syed Qasim

All these niggas from ESPN be asking dumbass questions

Pewdiepie Real

Heroes in 7

Patrick Pacheco

Curry, Klay and Cousins were a several of the recipients that doubted Kevin was harm, they all bitched that they were testing through injuries; making it sound like KD could be too. GSW management is a joke.

Alex Rocio

G.O.A.T Steph Curry


KD testing for the right squad he is a WARRIOR indeed almost killing himself to boost his teammates

Hey Mikey

I know it's gonna be hard knowing KD place his body on the line/sacrificed his body to support "his" squad(not his squad like, because he's one of if not the finest user on it, so ppl claim it's his squad not Curry's but "his" squad as in this is the squad he's dedicated to and plays for), victory/take it back to Oracle for one last ride but we can't go into apk 6 with that mind state or target fingers at anyone in the organization wether it's head of basketball op', any of the docs/trainer's or was a collective decision including KD's to test and it's so unfortunate that this shit happened lad... 😭😭😭, but we have to test hard to clear our minds, pic up the flag, hold moving forward, focus/eyes on the prize and just go out there and give it our all!!! We can do it for KD/dedicate our test to KD, but do it because it's how the organization is/squad gives it up and not with the mind state like you guys owe it to him!!! KD is a WARRIOR(pun intended), I know he really wanted to be out there just as much as everyone else that's not a Raptor or Rap fan or just a hater in general, that wanted to see KD out there!!! The greatness of this squad comes from our resolve and ability to will ourselves to victory/go out there and war regardless of anything wether being down 3-1 or injuries and the past proves that!!! Like Curry claimed.."we have nothing to prove"..we did that already"!!! So just go out and test your heart's out/do the damn thing!!! Test as one like we usually have been doing and continue to have fun with KD in mind and knowing even tho he can't be out there on the court, he's going to be there with you guys in heart/spirit and cheering you guys on from wherever he will be at the time and wish you guys to not worry about him and go out and give your all!!! One apk at a time!!! We aren't facing's apk 1!!! Actually allow's victory it!!! #DubNation!!! #Resolve!!! #Greatness!!! KD35!!! #$plash!!! #Oracle4Life!!! #3peat!!!


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