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The Other Women Behind Jeffrey Epstein Sarah Kellen & Lesley Groff video

There wasn’t just Ghislaine Maxwell at the heart of the babe sex trafficking conspiracy.

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert Podcast. I'm Lisa Tait & I'm Jen Tarren and today we are going to take a slightly different route, we are going to be looking at the girls in the life of Jeffrey Epstein.

We will look at the another girls who ran the sex trafficking business like it was a McDonalds.
But the thing is - are these girls associates or were they victims?

Or is there Stockholm syndrome?

Yes that is what I would like some feedback from the audience because I really do think that there is a grey zone.

Some of the victims went on to be schedulers, it's like he's wrapped them up in a great neat bow, some of his victims, they can't go forward actually to the police because they're implicated later on.

Supplying him with another women, all of them very traumatised you're a teenagers, possibly have troubles, as in a lot of the women are in foster care, broken families, runaways, possibly sex abuse.

Then you were thrown into a different form of sex abuse as though it was a McDonald’s business. Blackmail or pictures, they video you, or you are suddenly trained up as a pilot or secretary role and you're flying around the globe.

Even though you may have been exposed to the most vicious abuse, it is not us to determine whether these recipients are guilty or not.

They were all claims but they were mentioned in the 2008 charges and it's weird but actually that immunity deal is being questioned.

Will it stand out under the jurisdiction of the Newest York or is it un constitutional because it look away the victims’ rights.

It is about the victims, that's why were here with this. I'm sick of reading about Prince Andrew just running around living his normal life & where the hell is that TV interview with Ghislaine?

I think that was a bit of a furphy but she's not gonna come forward look, excuse the French, here but I'm sick of her f***ing with us, so either come out or hopefully you'll be arrested one day.

Today is about these another girls but I wanted to run with Leslie Groff, she was an alleged sex recruiter and she worked for Epstein as an executive assistant for nearly 20 years.

Straight off the bat at the moment, she's about 52 or 53, so she would've been too old to take his attention, so this is someone whom we probably wouldn't class as a victim.

Stockholm syndrome and becomes associate she skipped those first two steps.

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Carolyn Wertelecki

As long as Sarah Kellen stays out of the U.S, she's untouchable by the D.O.J. Being rich, she can easily buy citizenship in Switzerland or France. Why would a lad marry a creature like her?

Joey Maker

Bruh Brian Vickers that's insane

The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

Lisa..I mean this well...why not huger views..obtain newest title and bright is very important.. did one of them slow it down ...

LVThN Von Ach

She was the girl smirking while Adam Kutcher was giving his speech to the senate on human traficking

Brenda Armstrong

They could be arrested and named to court at least


Arrest them asap!


Isn't that Sarah Kellam leaving Epstein's N.Y. apt, after the Prince peeks his head out? The Pervert 's young dude is going back in and Sarah (?) is coming out. This is regarding the 2010 video.

george washington

Maria Farmer Drops Epstein TRUTH BOMBS LIVE! The Can't Miss Interview YOU NEED TO SEE!

Rattle Snake

Just a coincidence?

Rogue Squadron

3:17 well I guess your want came real!


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