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TOP 10 HOTTEST NBA Players Wives and Girlfriends | WAGS of NBA Stars 2017 video

TOP 10 HOTTEST NBA Users Wives and Girlfriends | WAGS of NBA Stars. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL ▶️


Lala Anthony, Cody Horn, Iggy Azalea, the list goes on! These are some cute sexy ladies and they’re lucky enough to be the partners of some cute sexy basketball users. How did these users bag these bombshells? Was it their athletic abilities? Their looks? Their dollars? No one will know for sure. But one thing is absolute…these babes are beauties. We are going to see the Hottest WAGS in NBA. These are the list of Top 10 Wags of NBA Stars and these WAGS are the Hottest WAGS of All time. This video includes, WAGS of nba users, Hottest NBA users wives and girlfriends, basketball users wives and girlfriends, nba girlfriends, hottest wags NBA etc.


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Alma Ross

Were is D Wade wife at

Oliver Phippen

Dem Brothers sure do like them light skinned women / white women ? how are they doing on basket ball wives present ????? Bitches ?????

mack boy

This look like other episode of obtain out....

Deirdre Gaskin

Are you kidding? How can you leave Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry off the list. Is it because they're both African American, no Hispanic representation? Your list is invalid.

Moddie Seven

When a Black Multi Million Dollar Earning NBA user marries a Black Girl, it's a rarity that deserve acknowledgement. Nothing much has changed in the Culture of the NBA lifestyle since that was a Major facture in black media back in the day. Almost All of these lads listed here Would NOT obtain a second glance from these cute white girls if they were Terrible and Not on Camera. Facts. This is not about hate, it's about the Truth and Speaking it. This truth is just one of the Many reasons why Black recipients love and help Ballers like LeBron James, Steph Curry and Magic Johnson to name a several. Overall Black NBA users marry White Girls out of Vanity and insecurities as well as Social and Cultural Status and Acceptance. The cute White Girl Marry the Multi Million Dollar NBA user for What his Dollary and Fame can do for their usual Model or Acting Careers.

Cruise Control

Uh...white girls and black lads is so cliche 😕

Kimber B

Stupid black babes,......

Tracy Sharp

They love to push white girls agenda!

D. Lewis

What’s up with all those no shape white girls. I know for a fact there are a far far far more sexy black NBA wives and girlfriends. I guess those eight brothers can’t handle that mouthy black girl therefore they obtain the passive shapeless snow flake.

jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt

Latino babes are snatching up the bball users like poker chips . Black beauties ain't got a chance . These Black don't wish nothing Black like them . Is it self loathing or what they don't wish no Black babies they wish babes with that purdy har like they passed it on . Fucked up race on the face of it


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