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TOP TIPS FOR THE GRE: How to Get into Veterinary School Episode 4 video

Getting the finest score on the GRE can be hard, especially if you aren't nice at standardized tests. The important thing to know is to run studying well before you have to take the GRE. Taking it blindly can lead to terrible effects and loss of your dollars if you need to take it again. Standardized tests are just the bees knees huh.

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**Pre-veterinary students inquiring about veterinary colleges, specifically file to or in regards to statistical stats about the demographics, are strongly encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor(s), Institution's Career Development Center, and/or the AAVMC for the most accurate and actual stats regarding veterinary college admission process and requirements. When it comes down to the nitty gritty of applying, be sure to consult your Institution's sources first.**

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Love y'all! (^ᴥ^)

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Cassie Faith

I’m getting my CVA in the beginning of this summer will that now like support obtain me like more accepted into vet school.......future school Texas A&M

Victoria Parker

I know this is an old video, but UF vet school doesn’t now require the GRE either!


Stay Nice brother. I wish to specialize in Animal Behavior because I search it interesting. Should you create a video in regards of any similar career paths with Behavior?

Mahli Amanda

Hey everyone I’m an aspiring vet please check out my first video 💕

rajat pk

Hey.. how to obtain into a vet school for the masters degree.. i have finished my under grad in india

Thé glamed Hippi witch

I am a newest high school graduate thank you so much! I will be going into vet my junior year I know I can do it !


Can you do a video on letters of suggestion? Like how you go about getting the finest letters possible?? Or at least how you did it (of course)

Tonya Hanagriff

im a freshmen in highschool and when I go to college I wish to be a vet tech and i love ur videos theyre interesting to watch and informative

Kelly Donley

I have a question.. I am starting undergrad college in the fall this year to then obtain my bachelors degree to be accepted into UC Davis in 4 years.. I am super excited like this is all I talk about. lol..sometimes I obtain down on myself because I'm 26 and I am went to school for professional makeup artistry in all aspects (salon, theater, sfx, hd television, prosthetics, and high fashion) and I am working in this profession. Well... I don't think its what I enjoy doing for a living as much as I thought. I am extremely connected to animals and usually have been into science, medicine, and surgery. I wish to support animals and I know for sure I will be more glad doing something that matters and makes me feel accomplished and fulfilled. Not to mention I live in Los Angeles, CA where they create 31% more as a vet annually than the national average. Starting out of school and clinical or an externship should mean $100,000 a year. I feel im already 26..ill be 35 or 36 when I graduate.. is it too late? D: lol Also.. I wish 4 babes and I haven't even had my first yet... I was planning to obtain pregnant next year after I obtain married and come back from Cancun on honeymoon. :) But this would mean I am in a race vs time since after 35 getting pregnant can be hard and also dangerous.. :( babies are idea idea top of list for my life as well as a career I love. I am planning to have my first 2 babies while life is a bit more nonpaid in undergrad school..I have heard its hard to be pregnant in vet school as there are "fumes in anatomy class you can't be around while pregnant" and also radiology and x rays are risky.. I have also heard even breast feeding isn't advisable during vet school as there are things you touch and breathe in..also, not to mention the not being able to take time off for birth and recovery during those 4 crucial years. Ok so, I don't obtain pregnant in vet school, claim I wait til after when im 36.. actually I am considered a "high risk pregnancy" for my own health and baby's because of the nice egg count being lower.. What do you guys think of my worries? I am sorry for the blabbergraph lol. I wish to know basically is it too late to do this since Im 26 and I need 4 babes to feel fulfilled in my own targets? Also, how hard is it to have 2 babes while going through vet school?

Kelly Donley

This differs for all schools. UC Davis (my in-state and dream vet school) claims in bold letters "Gotta have a bachelors degree to apply for the vet tool". Thats 4 years of school and none less..


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