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Trigeminal Neuralgia: Frequently Asked Questions video

Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Michael Lim answers commonly asked questions about trigeminal neuralgia, including its symptoms, how it’s diagnosed and the possible treatment options. To learn more:

Questions Answered:
1. What is trigeminal neuralgia? 0:03
2. What causes trigeminal neuralgia? 0:45
3. How is trigeminal neuralgia diagnosed? 1:44
4. What are the treatment options for trigeminal neuralgia? 3:17
5. How will I know if surgery is essential? 8:04
6. How is the course of treatment determined? 8:47
7. Why could I come to Johns Hopkins for treatment of my trigeminal neuralgia? 10:49

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j h

Has anyone heard of using stem cells to regenerate can the nerve coating?


Pls do some research doc. All you spoke was known to Neanderthals as well.


So the bottom-line or summary is doctors know nothing and can't support us

Jasmine Ward

I take a weak dose (25mg at night and 25mg in the morning) of the antidepressant “Pregabalin” and it works well for my leg/butt nerve pain. I actually obtain the facial and the top of head pain, as well as left arm/hand pain but I’d hate to think how terrible it would be without the medication I was originally on before the newest territories started

Valerie Loayza

Dr. Lim is the #1 neurosurgeon! He has cured my relative of TN. Within a week she was able to travel back home. :)

Lorraine Rowarth

I have this it started a couple of years ago actually it's worse I have this each day more so in my teeth on left side tried so many meds cant take coz of side afects 🙄

True Life: My life with trigeminal neuralgia

Aliah Chase

Thankyou for this video! It explains a log.I have MS and just had a TN attack. Hurts like hell.

Carolyn Byrd

Swallowing can too. I have a VERY rare topic. Mine is all in the left side of my brain. The pain is so terrible I cover with sweat and scream each time it attacks me. I am suppose to call a neurosurgeon on Monday to obtain surgery lined up ASAP. All the medications I have been taking have stopped working. Went to hospital and got a different medication, and it supports enough to create it through. But not 100%. It supports by making them come at longer territories between the attacks., but when I do have a cluster of attacks they are as painful as when I have no medication in my system. As painful as ever, I just obtain a short break from them. With out medication they come anywhere from 3 seconds to 30 seconds. @ 3 seconds, I don't even obtain a chance to catch my breath, and it happens again. When they are that close my vision in my left eye becomes very blurry. When the pain stops my vision returns to my normal vision. Not 20/20 but whats usual for me. WELL I GOT TO GO i TOOK MY INSULIN AND NEED TO EAT. May God Bless anyone having this trouble. I know it sucks. I'm here daily if you search you need someone to talk to. Don't feel your alone, and know there will be better days ahead. Suicide isn't the respond. Even though the thought comes to us all suffering with this horrid illness. Seek support. Hash mark me anyone who needs to talk and is suffering. God's Love will pull us through.



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