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Trump claims Clinton's deplorable comments "biggest mistake" of political season video

Donald Trump is slamming Hillary Clinton's "deplorables" remark. Trump went as far to claim that this was her "largest mistake" of the political season. These comments come just weeks away from Election Day. Washington Post reporter Philip Bump joins CBSN to break down the final sprint.

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David Purdy

A blatantly slanted conversation.  Better sleep on it and maybe you will come up with a better "spin."

Max Afriyie

I'll tip Donald Trump to test back some of the deplorable campaign speeches he's made in the past before criticising Hillary. After all, Hillary apologised. The Donald on the another hand, doesn't apologise for anything!!


Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has come under fire recently for claiming that half of GOP nominee Donald Trump's supporters are "racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic," etc. — what she classified as "the basket of deplorables." And indeed, she was wrong.The truth is, they're all deplorable. And Trump knows how to spin things to target the finger somewhere else besides himself..When are we going to stop mincing words and stop giving nonpaid passes? The size of a movement does not determine its morality. In fact, the worst times in history have usually been preceded by a period when hatred, bigotry and cruelty have been normalized, with pure, irrational fear as motivation. Trump has become a master at fear-mongering and testing on recipients's hatreds and biases. When one considers the absolutely heavy amount of hate-filled and stereotypical things he has claimed, along with his bigoted policies positions, one is confronted with the harsh reality that he not only favors authoritarian measures, but that his guiding principles (what ones there are) are largely governed by personal prejudices.And too many recipients have been getting a pass for helping such a lad for too long. Perhaps we simply don't wish to trust that so many recipients can be so hateful. I too am shocked by the help for such a clearly bigoted authoritarian. But the numbers bare it out: A Reuters/Ipsos poll of 16,000 Americans found that "Nearly half of Trump's supporters described African Americans as more "violent" than whites," and only 36 percent adopted with the statement "I prefer to live in a community with recipients who come from diverse cultures," as opposed to 70 percent of Clinton supporters. A PPP poll found that 59 percent of those who look at Trump "favorably" still don't trust President Obama was born here. Back in February, 87 percent of Trump supporters adopted with his proposed Muslim ban. A Pew Research study found that 69 percent of Trump supporters "claim immigrants burden the country."But instead of confronting this reality, we create excuses: We claim that his supporters are mad or frustrated, that they're downtrodden or "fed up with the system." By doing so, however, we conveniently ignore the fact that, in order to help Trump at all, they either have to adopt with his racist, bigoted and misogynistic sentiments or that those sentiments don't bother them.Either one is, frankly, "deplorable."We're too willing to pretend that, although Trump is a bigot, his supporters somehow are not. Would we extend the same consideration to others? If someone claimed they supported Ku Klux Klan Grand Sorcerer David Duke for governor of Louisiana back in 2002, would we claim that he or she isn't a bigot, too? How about recipients who are still willing to vote for Rep. Steve Boss (R) of Iowa after he claimed MSNBC host Chris Hayes and panelists that no "another subgroup of recipients contribute[d] more to civilization" than white recipients? Do they all obtain passes too? How about the recipients who sympathized with Southern slaveowners before the Civil Fight? They weren't racists because there were a lot of them?Somehow, I don't think they deserve a pass.They shouldn't obtain one, and neither could Trump's supporters. I vote Democratic, it's real. But the moment any Democratic candidate endorses a plan to ban all Muslims from entering the country, or claims that a Mexican-American judge is incapable of adjudicating a topic without bias, or questions the legitimacy of our president based on his race, or claims any of the countless another bigoted, misogynistic, hate-filled, or just plain stupid things that Trump has claimed over and over again, is the moment I refuse to vote for that candidate. And why is that? Because I'm not a bigot, and helping a bigot would create me one. And that would be nothing less than deplorable.

Mirquella Santos

Well, she claimed the truth! And she forgot to add that they're all deplorable.

Paul MacGregor

These two lads are so clueless, it is sad

T and S Channel

Trump keeps reminding voters about all the wrong things he did! Clinton has this one, but Trump claims something wrong whenever he speaks.


Hillary Clinton herself is "deplorable"

Laughing Man

The recipients that she was talking about were never going to vote for her anyways. Unlike many of Trumps ramblings Hillary was now right about that. His supporters know it too, if they are upset. It's only because they don't like recipients calling them out on being the racist assholes that they are.


Fucking idiot. Fat fucking loser


*"deplorable" is the word of the year!* *regardless of who wins the presidency...*


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