Vacheron Constantin Presents Cabinotiers Timepieces of 2019


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Vacheron Constantin Presents Cabinotiers Timepieces of 2019 video

In today’s video, we had the opportunity to be in Singapore to search the special pieces of the bespoke department of Vacheron Constantin named Les Cabinotiers, a name in reference to the different watchmaking workshops historically found in Geneva in the 18th and 19th century.

This department of Les Cabinotiers is finest known for developing the globe most complicated timepiece, the Reference 57'260 with no less than 57 complications, on the occasion of the brand 260th birthday. Here’s a feedback to video report we made about this spectacular timepiece back in 2015:

Since a couple of years and in addition to premium client order, Les Cabinotiers department actually proposes special pieces shown to some of their finest customers. These timepieces represent ultimate exclusivity and often demand a long process of development and discussion with the client.

Allow’s search out more about those timepieces with Mr Christian Selmoni, Style and Heritage Director at Vacheron Constantin.

Enjoy & Viva Watchmaking

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kostner kostner

no stunning steel sports models ?


Wow! Some truly superb timepieces there!

manduheavy vazquez

One the finest pioneers ever. Usually very elegant and authentic. Greatness.


I love the colorful artwork on those dials!

Howard Campbell-Downes

I've been seeking a review and horologist's critique of this specific VC with Breguet-styled indecises encircled by a chaptered monochromatic rail track. I first came across this model on a "reproduction web" of all territories (for a fractional price), but couldn't recall any contemporary VC styles another than the Classical, Patrimony and Overseas models, never having heard of "Cabinoitiers" before. Please should the ever-burgeoning controversial subject of "Reproductions" be seriously covered and critiqued ? In common with many others, I've heard watchmakers who are licensed as 'approved agents' and 'authorised premier boutiques' express their amazement, using phrases such as "no discernible difference" whilst unwilling to go 'on the record' publicly, serving to present how highly sensitive and controversial this annually-increasing international trade in self-styled "reproduction timepieces" genuinely is to the target of posing actual threat. As an aside, I am the owner of an 'Overseas Vacheron' which cost a tiny north of $16,000 HKD. So why do I obtain so nervous when discussing buying from Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong nowadays - amidst worldwide international supermarkets and traders ? There exist few if not numerous amazingly detailed, precise or 'great' 'Reproductions' in the supermarket, where watches are becoming increasingly flawless and far superior, being of a different genre altogether than plain-old Chinese Factory Fakes as evidenced from hundreds of hours of personal research. Those I am referencing comprise regarding cost with what's oft referred to as the "entry lvl price" for luxury timepieces. I'd love to see someone seriously approach this trouble and deliever guidance. I've encountered outwardly and inwardly flawless "rep" timepieces, where off-the-record experts and experts in the zone of 'high horology' making such statements as having "found no discernible difference". A hot-potato someone ought have the asbestos-esque Baker's Hands to seize methinks !


Nice video about an nice brand ! thanks again for such qualitative content !

Andrew Burke

1:25 looks for all the globe like some CGI Avengers video kind setting. Anyway, back to the watches.

uriel gonzalez

Your neck are so red. Como to Mexican caribean beaches and create it more red. Finest regards. Pretty work and time pieces

Sb Sb

Vacheron Constantin is top class. They really is 1 lvl up compared to Patek.

Albert Myers

This vid to be viewed few times. thanks


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