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Date Subs Views Videos
2020-08-26 3770000 - 1990653360 - 25954 -
2020-08-27 3780000 +10000 1998331628 +7678268 25994 +40
2020-08-28 3790000 +10000 2003947612 +5615984 26029 +35
2020-08-29 3790000 - 2008091630 +4144018 26045 +16
2020-08-30 3800000 +10000 2011235995 +3144365 26056 +11
2020-09-01 3810000 +10000 2019103158 +7867163 26075 +19
2020-09-19 3880000 +70000 2087155847 +68052689 26382 +307
2020-09-20 3880000 - 2092118136 +4962289 26401 +19
2020-09-23 3890000 +10000 2102125709 +10007573 26459 +58
2020-09-24 3900000 +10000 2108039287 +5913578 26494 +35
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NBC News NOW is live, reporting breaking news and developing stories in true time. We are on the stage, covering the most important stories of the day and taking deep dives on troubles you care about.

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Absolutely! Mental health needs to be discussed and promoted more in the community and media.

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