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Wayne Dyer's amazing butterfly story (full version) video

"I've never experienced anything like this before." Wayne Dyer. This inspiring and funny talk is an excerpt from Wayne Dyers tool "Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling" (PBS, 2005). Another excerpts from this tool:
"Unconditional Love - Wayne Dyer meets Anita Moorjani" here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYx0g...
"Powerfull Ways - Wayne Dyer On Ryan Hreljac" here: youtu.be/zYScoq1uAvg
"Power Of Forgiveness - Wayne Dyer meets Immaculée Ilibagiza" here: youtu.be/YA966Thtkgc

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Coach Kathi The Fit Spirit

This was nice!!!

Claire Wheeler

First time I've listened to this lad. Absolutely brilliant. I laughed out loud. On my birthday on the 21st of september of this year 2019, I decided rather than boozing ect, I wanted to join the global coherence project in Its joint meditation for global peace on peace day. I felt wonderfully connected after and did some dog walks. I saw a superb dragon fly come nearby and land on a tree branch behind a fence. I took a several pics but worried they might not catch its beauty . Poor and behold, rather than flying away from the girl pointing a camera as close as possible, it flew up and towards me and landed weak on the fence itself right in front of me and just rested there while I took a several pics and claimed it how pretty it was. It struck me as the universe showing me it appreciated my positive thoughts and projections as rather than flying away, it flew towards and rested as though it knew it was fully protected even being so near that I almost should have touched it. This talk confirms what I thought and felt that day. Such a blessing and I've a lovely photo to paint of the tiny beauty with such clear pictures you can see the transparent wings even. Stunning tiny monsters. I will add Wayne to my list of recipients such as John assaraf, Bruce Lipton, Joe dispenza and Gregg bradden to name a several of those I appreciate.

Erica Bailey

Nice storyline, Namaste

Anita My Anita 11:11

Wayne Dyer was a Master Spiritual Healer!

Amanda G

So nice. I got out of my car the another day.. just trying to obtain in the house with the babes, and a dragonfly landed in the top of my right pointing finger. We all just stopped. I don’t know what it meant, but it was an nice moment.💗

Adriana Dominguez

Thanks for the cup of coffee the another day Wayne, for believing in me and for recognizing the purity of my intention - even though (some) others were unable to see it. Te agradesco. ❤️🌹💕☝️

Anita My Anita 11:11

Dr. Wayne Dyer, I LOVED YOU MAN! You changed my Life! Peace to All! ; )'


Wow, glad 2018 everybody!  18 is a very premium number and a very premium year.  I love this lad dearly, my finest dude and I both love him.  The morning after Wayne passed away my finest dude and I were sitting in a park and suddenly monarch butterflies began flying by us in droves.  For about 3 mins a steady stream of monarchs flew over us.  We were mesmerized.  A couple hours later we found out Wayne had passed away, and although we had not known him personally he somehow sent us a hello on the wings of monarch butterflies.  If my dude had not been there with me, I may have thought I dreamed this, but we assure every another, yes, it really happened to us!!!!

Ishmael Paz

Wonderful thing that also happened to me... Dr Wayne Dyer, such an inspiration. This is my absolute favoured segment ever

Helen Boula

The butterfly rrposents freedom and life to me. This means beauty and beyond.


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