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We Want More feat John Wilds | Daniel Kolenda | (FULL HD) | Burning Ones | Raw Encounter video

John Wilds leading his original song "We Need More" and Daniel Kolenda with a potent spontaneous word.

From the newest debut album from the Burning Ones Squad, "Raw Encounter."

This is tracks 7 & 8 from the album, which is 12 tracks in total!

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George Gonzales

I had never heard of them but actually this is one of myfavs ‼️❗️♥️

Pr Jhonatan Stuartt

I was a victim of sexual abuse two times during my childhood, one time it was a relative, and the another it was my family’s maid. I became depressed, and I started questioning myself about my identity, and sexual orientation. From that moment on, I isolated myself inside the house, testing video apps and using the internet. When I was in school I used to be alone during lunch, was bullied in the classroom, even by some teachers, I used to weight 104kg (229,281l lbs) when I was 15 years old. Up until high school. One time in sixth grade, my PE teacher humiliated me in front of the entire class because I should not do the activities. Other teacher would never allow me go to the bathroom, and one day I even peed my pants in the middle of the classroom, and everyone saw it. My brother, that also went to the same school as me, used to pretend that he didn’t know me. I was usually alone, and when teachers asked why I wasn’t with my dudes, I would claim that I was tired, but the truth is that I didn’t have any. Some babes stole the dollars  that my parents gave it to me to buy lunch, sometimes they would create fun of me for buying meal, so it was better to just give it to them. They would push me, hit me, pinch me, rip the paper out of my notebook, scribble on them, and create me lose all the notes I had. However, in seventh grade I started writing poetry, and I read one for the class as an activity in class. Many made fun of me, and several liked it. I remember that when our teachers wanted us to work on partners, the women that ended up sitting with me would usually look disgusted by it, and anyone should claim. Once I wrote two poems for a woman, and she ignored me fully. When I was 15, I went to a church retreat with some babes that insisted on me going  there. There was a bonfire, and we were supposed to write the name of some that we wanted to forgive, then throw it in the fire. I wrote the name of the person that abused me, and I forgave them. However, I did not agreed Jesus on that day. After that, even though I forgave the abusers, I started drinking to be more extroverted; with that I got more contact with recipients (socialized more), but I kept being made fun of. Then, I started using anabolics, and going to the gym to lose weight, getting to weight 67kg (147,71 lbs) when I was 17 years old. However; there was a time when I got sick, my immunity dropped, and I had an infirmity on my mouth, and had to stay in bed for a entire week, losing 7kg (15,4324 lbs), because I couldn’t eat anything, and should only drink a tiny bit of water. I remember that during that time I was forced to go to church, then I prayed at home and God cured me. A several days later, two babes from my school invited me to a birthday party, I went there and started to drink, I was low, and being ungrateful with God. I started to feel sick, and they brought me home, and left me in the front yard, in the middle of the rain. After 30 mins, my grandmother came to support me, because she heard the dogs barking. She brought me inside, and I remember that my mom helped me to take a shower, and change me into some clothes. I woke up feeling ashamed of what I’ve done. That’s when I stopped drinking, but I kept using anabolics for a while. I started to frequent church services more often, and accepted Jesus (as my Boss and Savior), until one day, during the last time I used anabolics, after approximately 60 files that I did by myself, my arm paralyzed for a entire week, and the doctors claimed that I would have the same movements as I used to, but a pastor prayed for me and, once again, Jesus cured me. That’s when I gave myself fully to Him. During the time that I had depression, the Boss gave the gift of writing. I wrote approximately 750 poems from when I was 12 to 18 years old. After being baptized, I starter to write things about God, and I was given the opportunity to read these messages, and they were my firsts chances to preach (on His behalf). When I was about 19 years old, in my first year of being baptized, I received many talents from the Holy Spirit. I ended a two years relationship, because my girlfriend didn’t wish to have any compromise with God, she didn’t like to go to church. She tried to defame my name in each idea. She thought that I broke up with her because I liked someone else, but I only wanted to dedicate myself to God. I started to preach right after being baptized in the waters. I did many campaigns, and spend 30 days on a hill alone. When I was on this target (the things that are mentioned) my family made fun of me a lot, but after that my dad was baptized in the Holy Spirit, because I prayed for him on the hill, thanks to the Glory of the Boss. I stopped going to my family’s birthday parties, gatherings, and lunches to obtain closer to God, and I was made fun of. However, actually they ask me to interpret their dreams, and ask me to pray for them, thank God. God gave me a wife, that accepted Jesus in her life through me, and He claimed her that  He would give her babes, a family, and a pretty wedding. I didn’t know that she couldn’t obtain pregnant. She went to my church for three months before we started talking. After that her ex boyfriend, that was an atheist, broke up with her, that’s when we started to obtain closer. We fell in love, got married, and she got pregnant on our first time, even though the doctor claimed that she couldn’t have babes. In a dream the Boss showed us that our son would be born with Asperger's syndrome, so we started praying, and then we had other dream, where a doctor would remove our son, do a surgery in the baby’s brain and place him back inside. He was born with a scar on his head; however, he was fully fine, great and very healthy. With no syndrome. The Boss conceded us a ministry named Pacific Kingdom (Reino Pacífico). We have our meetings in our house’s garage, and God has promised to raise recipients to support us. Right actually we normally have 20 to 35 recipients with us. We have a project named “The Boss is nice to everyone”, where we distribute meal, clothes, and another necessities to homeless recipients, and the ones that don’t have it. We need a car to create our job easier. God promised that he would give us one, and I know that he will. I visit the regional hospital in my city, I pray there continuously, have nonpaid access, thank God. My mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law accepted Jesus through my life recently, for the Boss. Many criticized me for giving everything I have to others. A guitar to a missionary, when I gave it the missionary claimed that he asked God for one just like mine, then he prayed for me and claimed that God was going to bring my parents to the same ministry that I was in, and God did it. When I fasted, I would buy meal for recipients to eat beside me, when there was a communion I would continue fasting, and I received a login for it, Zé do monte (Lad of the hill, Zé is his name), fasting brother. But how I claimed, God was thankful that I guided my family by my dad’s side to follow Him, and actually I have a church with my wife. I sold my newest bike to buy chairs for the church. He has given me strength to work for Him each day. He helped my brother that today is an evangelist in our church and has been perfected to be a pastor, when God claims it’s his time, and we will launch more churches hopefully. I trust that the Boss will send us everything we need to preach His word, including recipients to support us. I was a lost topic, I thought I was gay because of the abuse I had suffered, and today God gave me a family, a son, and the privilege of being able to serve Him. Don’t give up, God has the finest for you! Give all of you fully (to Him). For many years I wore the same suit to go to church, and today even with only one, after giving two suits to two guys in church that didn’t have, I am content with what I can live with God. I remember how hard my childhood was, my parents had to obtain fruits and vegetables that were thrown out by the supermarket, they would slash the part that wasn’t nice and cook the rest. I have in my memory that one day the mixture was fried tomato. I thank the Boss for everything that we have been through, because it taught me how to give up everything for Jesus Christ. I gave up going to college, I do not practice my profession as a safety technician, my wife requested exoneration of her job, she was a teacher, to live God’s work. The Project and the church are still working because recipients donate dollars and support us financially. My mom almost aborted me when she was pregnant, but God gave me life, and for His glory, actually she is a member of His church. I didn’t claim you what I have done, and what I do to be praised, God knows. I wrote this because I wanted to inspire who thinks that they are not capable to realize nothing for God, or for others. Trust, just trust, God will create you shine for create recipients who are in the darkness. I am from Brazil - Parana -Paranagua, I am 24 years old, and I love to live for God’s work. My name is Jhonatan Stuartt. Contact +55 41 995928930. Our enter um my Channel.

nishi nishi

Wauw what a song!!!

Masoyi Nuhu

Please I need the lyrics of the song

Felicitas Tirivaviri

You can do nothing without the Originator and the one who perfects our faith....Oh God fill me up...fill me up and allow me not be carried away by titles by offices....a heart that longs after God

Soulwinning Chronicles

Stop asking for the Spirit to come as if he isnt already here. Why is everyone claiming "Holy Spirit come!" in here? Stop swaying back and forth with your hands up in the air trying to reach out and obtain close to God. God wants you to learn about him. Launch up his Word and study. Preach the gospel of peace to recipients. He's already in all real believers given as a gift. Romans 8:15-16 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the babes of God: 1 John 5:10 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. Actually, as touching being filled with the Holy Ghost or not...thats up to you. For Jesus himself saith "My words are spirit and they are life." The amount of time you spend in God's Word determines how filled with the Spirit you are. Do you speak the Bible a lot? You walk after the Spirit and do mind the things of the Spirit. Hardly read the Bible? You are not filled with the Holy Ghost. For it is written in the NT: 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But....most dont wish to work hard.

Di Bn

My...! What a pretty Praise .....!...Crying out for You...Nothing else will do....dear Jesus....

Mhangani Sipho

Glorious Glorious Glorious Glorious Glorious Glorious Glorious Glorious Glorious Glorious for this reason Jesus Christ was born

Jorge Gomes

Holy Spirit come Fill our hearts anew Til' we are consumed with more you Hands are lifted high You be glorified We are longing for more Til' we're undone Holy Spirit come We wish more Til' we are one Holy Spirit come We wish more We're crying out for you Crying out for you Crying out for you We're crying out for Jesus Nothing else will do Nothing else will do We're crying out for you We're crying out for Jesus Crying out for you Crying out for you Crying out for you We're crying out for Jesus Nothing else will do Nothing else will do We're crying out for you We're crying out for Jesus

Zamaere Atupele

Guys I love this song . only discovering it after I allow you tube test-list go on


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