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What's on my iPad Pro (Student Edition) | Apps I use for school 📝 video

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Hey guys! In this video, I'm showing you what's on my iPad Pro as a student. I give information about all the iPad files I use for school and their functionalities. I talk quite a bit about digital note-taking on the iPad pro and the finest files for it such as Goodnotes 5, OneNote & Notability. Allow me know in the comments if you wish to see more videos about digital note-taking since I'd love to create those! Also, claim me if you wish a video where I compare Goodnotes 5 versus Notability. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video!

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My Note-taking process - youtu.be/RChVjenqvLo

How I take notes on my iPad - youtu.be/QOfUnrVUESg

Lockscreen wallpaper - unsplash.com/pictures/SQRFc_2-nvI

Homescreen wallpaper - unsplash.com/pictures/LFjxCbhs0QM

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Name - Ellen
Age - 15
Camera - amzn.to/2NQR8L9
Lens (with blurry background) - amzn.to/2uBznaa
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Editing soft - Final Slash Pro X
About me - I'm Ellen, a teenage woman, who makes videos about studying, stationery, productivity and organization, DIYs, tricks and life mod and more! Newest videos each single Sunday! I'm a gigantic stationery addict, I'm all about pastel colors and I love cactuses and pandas (weird I know!). If you can search any similarities then subscribe to my channel to see all of my upcoming videos!

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XOXO, Ellen

#ipadpro #schoolapps #studying

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Bell’s tell’s

august 23

persi was here

I don't even have an iPad but this is just so satisfying to watch


are you using the apple pencil or something else?

Astrid Torres

What do you mean by subcription file? Do you pay for Microsoft word in the ipad?!!

Paula Marlene

Hey Ellen! What’s that topic you’re using?


Now we have Ohm´s law in physics Right actually 😂 (class play in 5 days😳)

Gian Dela Cruz

June 13 2006

Tamanna joshi

Hello, thanks for this video. I am on iOS platform, but am unable to search and download anybuffer file! Any alternatives or recommendations?

Krishana Vrama

My birthday is on 29 November

Treazure Edwards

May 30


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