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Where is car insurance cheapest | What Company is cheapest video

In this video I go over the top 5 highest states for car insurance and the lowest/cheapest 5 states in the U.S. I also mention what blogs claim the top 3 companies are on average across every state.
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At 22 years old, what would you claim is a nice and the cheapest insurance company in MI?

Melina Saintil

At 19 years old, what would you claim is a nice cheapest insurance company in Florida?

Alex Caban

I have state farm

Alex Caban

Which cheap car insurance can I obtain in Connecticut?

Daisja Daughety

At 20 years old, what would you claim is a nice and the cheapest insurance company in NJ?

Lindsey Vanbeek

There are now a several different reasons why insurance is more expensive in Louisiana. The largest factors are the higher incidents/frequency of natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy flooding, and few populated territories below sea lvl), high rates of poverty, unemployment, and government assistance (it's usually ranked as one of the poorest states), and a really high percentage of uninsured drivers (plus most of the insured drivers only have the absolute minimum coverage needed). When you mix that all together with the rampant and generational poverty that very often leads to desperation, and an insanely high number of adverts for personal injury lawyers that have no trouble with promising large settlements to gullible recipients; you end up getting ridiculously expensive insurance premiums. The majority of the recipients in Louisiana never transport out of the state, so generational poverty is very prevalent here and only makes it more unlikely that recipients will be able to change their circumstances without significant effort that most recipients don't have. All those factors basically ensure that recipients in Louisiana will file more claims, more frequently and cost the insurance companies more dollars than another states might. Which, of course, means that those companies so kindly pass on that bonus cost to all of their another customers in the state. So it's basically one of those great storm type of things that adds up to the absolute worst possible scenario. It also explains why I pay $150/month for a 2005 Toyota Corolla that I only drive maybe 20 miles a week, even though I'm 31 with a nice driving record, have only filed one claim for a speedy tow, and have been a loyal customer for almost 4 years (although I will admit to terrible credit due to my student loans). Ironically, as a comparison, I now moved to Maine for a several years before coming back here and was rendered speechless and was fully shocked when my car insurance was less than a quarter of what I pay in Louisiana and included more coverage. If my entire family wasn't in Louisiana, I'd transport to a different state in a heartbeat :)

Thomas Chadwick

I live in West Michigan and the rates are out of sight. Thankfully I do not live in the Detroit zone where the rates are 2 to 3 times as much. Hopefully in July when the newest PIP law goes into result will obtain a break. But I wouldn't trust the state or insurance company's will do anything thing that will harm their bottom line.


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