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Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second) - Smarter Every Day 238 video

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Robert subscribed then hit the bell. Be more like Robert. In all seriousness I was impressed by how quickly he came up with a well thought out, nuanced hypothesis without even a moment’s notice. Large thanks to Robert. Also, a gigantic thanks to everyone who helps Smarter Each Day on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Thank you! Destin


I trust the star shaped line pulls away grass because it's does the job twice over! In the slow motion its shearing the grass blade on the top and bottom of the line and the pulled away piece is the leftover part in the middle. I trust this is a sign that the line is sharp enough to create clean cuts, but I also don't trust all sharp lines have to remove a section. I would love to see a sharp rectangular shape assuming there a design that allows the rectangle to remain parallel to the ground. Would you see the finest durability by means halving the cuts a sharp line makes?

Lazy D

Rocket scientist: "We're gonna look at WeedEater line and decide which is finest" Me: "Way cred on this is about five out of ten..." Robert walks in, and I'm like "Way cred just shot up hella lot! TF is going on here?!?" I ain't even kidding - calling that guy in to be a part of the video is literally a stroke of genius.


weed whacker gang represent

Michael Wilson

I'd like to see the different string weights vs the chain feedback, to see if the heavier ones stand up better. other play (and my main use for the weed wacker) would be how different lines stand up to "scrubbing" or wearing away vs the cement driveway as I'm edging the sidewalk. If you're going to create the String Trimmer series, I'd play the different lines vs edging fences for collateral hurt, and then vs the thicker, woodier weeds to see if the star line makes a difference there as an "all-rounder."


Whipper snipper... usually lol


I'm curious about whether the difference in the size of the groove in the sharp sharp square and star lines is responsible for the difference in the quality of the slash. It seems possible that the smaller groove is bunching up a narrower band of the grass thereby concentrating the sheer stress in a narrower band resulting in a cleaner slash. Alternatively there is also a higher likelihood of the blade of grass being struck by an edge with the star line compared to the sharp sharp square which would obviously also slash better than a blunt side. It would be interesting to see another types of leaf subjected to the same play as the size of the segments of the blades of grass might influence the slash of every line.

Alain V

Well the star shape has smaller divots than the sharp sharp square. So you would expect less rogue grass chunks being pulled away.

Stephen R

That cart: thanks for the flashback. I used to inspect/play aerospace parts and found threecarts like that abandoned in an old engineering "surplus" zone and confiscated them for my Play zone. LOVED those carts. Stacked up an analog o-scope, multimeter, and digital o-scope on every one.

Jack Walter

I’m from Florida and I claim weed wacker


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